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  1. AMD Ryzen 1700x Radeon RX 550 (not for long tho) 32GB DDR4 30fps VAB, 5fps Kerbin, 9fps orbit (when looking away from Kerbin), idk for else. All on low settings
  2. Spent about an hour fooling around on my Radeon RX 550 system (Don't worry new system coming soon). Bad performance all around, but got to see the planets in the tracking station and build some interesting crafts (and find some interesting bugs!)
  3. Interstellar, More Parts (for building complex space stations), Colonies, Debdeb, Tutorials, Performance, and the new UI!
  4. I'm really glad that y'all are clearing up this drama around the specs. I'm getting a new system that meets most of the requirements for Reccomended in 3 days but ill still play the game on my current potato. I'm used to low framerates, so I would say that no matter what, these specs are good.
  5. I still don't get why everyone's so mad about the specs. Like come on! It's an EARLY ACCESS game! They'll improve it over time! Sheesh, so many people think "EA" just means "Early Release" these days... Like I have a RX 550 GPU and I ain't cryin since I'll just keep playing KSP1 until I get my new PC (in about a week after release)
  6. Hey so I was wondering if you could support Universal Storage in the next update? I really like to use their cores with Kerbalism but since they are unpassable it makes moving through the craft in IVA impossible.
  7. Actually it seems to be caused by Spectra and not scatterer, since without Spectra it loads fine. The log shows Scatterer not being able to locate files even though I installed Spectra via CKAN. Edit: It turns out I just have to wait a decent time after the game music ends. It also works with loading the space center scene now. Time to try it with my 10.618x rescale. Edit 2: so the rescale works fine with loading the main menu, but loading a space center scene is where it crashes. for context I'm using Rescale continued. Edit 3: Finally found out that if I just switch to the og Rescale, everything works fine. yay! Only issue is that since the sun is larger the sunflare is tiny.
  8. I tried deleteing the Scatterer cache since reinstalling the mods didn't work but now it just crashes on main menu load. (for context, it plays the entire main menu music without ever loading, then once the menu music ends it juts crashes) Edit: I'm going to just try and uninstall all of my visual mod and visual-related mods and install them again, in case it's some random thing causing it to crash. Edit 2: Reinstalling visual mods didn't work either. I genuinley don't know whats causing this. Edit 3: Removing my rescale got it to render the first frame of the title screen, but then it crashed. The log shows that for some reason Scatterer can't find a lot of files, even though I have Spectra installed. Edit4: After updating Kopernicus and adding KSP Community Fixes it boots. First time I uninstalled Spectra and it worked, but when I add spectra it crashes again. Note: no scatterer or eve effects are displayed in the first case.
  9. Hi! So I've been getting crashes on loading into a space center game and the log spits out this error: I can send the modlist if needed.
  10. Alrighty thanks. Currently having an issue with loading into my save games so haven't been playing much KSP but thanks
  11. Yeah, to be fair I've always known my graphics card is bad. The best it can do is run Minecraft, Roblox, and Factorio. Even with stock visuals it sometimes likes to die.
  12. I get around 60 with the same craft in High orbit, and something like 40-45 in low orbit (when looking straight down)
  13. I have a 4GB VRAM with 32 gigs of main RAM. I also have reflections turned off and about every setting at minimum (except terrain quality)
  14. I only have the EVE module installed, no scatterer. My craft is below around 50 parts. My PC is medium spec, with a AMD Ryzen 1700 and a Radeon RX 550
  15. Question: How can I get more performance with just the EVE module installed? I'm getting like 18fps in low orbit of Kerbin and 32fps when in high orbit. I get better FPS on Eve and Duna and Jool, with Eve and Duna giving around 30fps in low orbit and jool giving 55fps. Laythe gives 28fps
  16. Didn't do much today since my mind keeps swapping KSP mods. Honestly never should've found out about mods in the first place.
  17. I found the problem. It turns out that Kerbal Weather Project was the issue, since that mod adds new thermodynamic effects and changes atmospheres. I installed it because it said "compatible with all other mods".
  18. I've noticed that the 70KM instant areo effects bug has also been happening in the stock solar system and in other ones, put peculiarly not in GPP.
  19. I'm still having the issue with the atmosphere starting too high, even after completely reinstalling everything i have. The atmo effects and slowing starts at 70KM, but if I timewarp, it's fine till the regular 33KM. If I stop timewarping while not in the 33KM atmo, it starts the areo stuff again.
  20. Actually I figured out that Kerbalism was the problem, as when I removed it everthing worked fine
  21. So, I installed FreeIVA, and it worked fine with the centrifuges, but then one day the centrifuges stopped working. The IVA didn't spin around and trying to get into the centrifuge just showed "hatch is locked". I can send Gamedata if needed. Also I can't get into the centrifuge central part from any other part. And when I put the kerbal into the centrifuge it doesn't give the artificial gravity and the centrifuge is just spinning outside. I think it might be something to do with Reviva. Even when I completely reinstall all my mods and it still breaks itself. I found some log errors involving the centrifuge iva "exiting" certain parts, and also one involving the first person EVA (from ThroughTheEyes)
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