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  1. Val level success! Return Vehicle Landing Crewed Landing Flight to Return Vehicle Return to Kerbin Even more screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/cnJo2h5
  2. Speeds up the game's startup by loading during the logo splash screens. This results in a significant improvement in startup times as the stock game does nothing whilst the splashes are playing. If loading completes before the splashes are finished, the splashes will still play to the end. If this is the case, you can download No Seizure Warning to remove the seizure warning splash and improve loading times even further (but don't download it if you're prone to seizures). Download on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3340/Speedy Startup Source code (MIT licensed): https://github.com/arthomnix/SpeedyStartup
  3. A mod to disable the seizure warning splash screen. The other splash screens are left intact as required by the EULA. Requires SpaceWarp 1.0.0 Disclaimer: If you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures, do not install this mod. Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/3337/No Seizure Warning Source code (MIT licensed): https://github.com/arthomnix/NoSeizureWarning
  4. KerbalDev 0.1.3 has released, which updates the template to version, fixing a bug where the `localizations` folder was incorrectly called `localization`. Download from the same place as before: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev/releases/latest
  5. Updated to add support for completely custom resolutions. The game may not run on a graphing calculator, but at least it can run at the same resolution as one! (In case you were wondering, this doesn't even increase FPS that much)
  6. KerbalDev has been updated with the latest upstream template changes, switching to SpaceWarp 1.0.1. Download from the same link as before: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev/releases/latest For more details of the changes, see the changelog of the upstream template: https://github.com/jan-bures/SpaceWarp.Template/releases/tag/v1.0.1.1
  7. A simple KSP 2 mod that allows selecting resolutions unsupported by the stock game (i.e. non-16:9 resolutions and resolutions below 1280x720), and custom resolutions. Requires SpaceWarp 0.4 or later. Downloads and Source Code Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/3320/More Resolutions Source: https://github.com/arthomnix/MoreResolutions (MIT licensed)
  8. A Rider plugin for KSP 2 mod development. Currently adds a project template for SpaceWarp mods, based on munix's template for Visual Studio and .NET CLI. Requests for any other features relating to KSP 2 mod development are welcome. Installation Download the latest plugin file from Releases (ReSharperPlugin.KerbalDev-x.x.x.zip). In Rider, go to Settings > Plugins, click the gear icon, click Install Plugin from Disk and select the zip file. Usage In the New Solution window, a new SpaceWarp 1.0 Mod template should appear. Fill out the parameters - everything except Description and Source URL are required; there is no validation due to limitations of Rider but if you omit the required parameters your project will be broken! It is recommended that you enable the "Put project and solution in the same directory" option, otherwise your readme/license etc. will not be in the root of the solution. Downloads and Source Code Download: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev/releases/latest Source code: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev (MIT licensed) Template source code: https://github.com/arthomnix/KerbalDev-SpaceWarp.Template (MIT licensed, forked from https://github.com/jan-bures/SpaceWarp.Template)
  9. If you follow the instructions correctly, Distrobox will be installed entirely in the home directory so there will be no issues updating. All use of pacman is done inside the container which is in the home directory. I've never had any problems with flatpaks or updates using Distrobox.
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