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  1. Oh that's cool. I do wish they were in KSP because they look realistic as heck! Nice Job!
  2. Where did you get these images from? They look very nice and I'm wondering if it's a mod for KSP
  3. Wait, you are making TWO star systems? That's awesome! I thought it would just be the binary system and that was it! That's cool!
  4. This is a great map, I have one question though, where would Alter-Earth be in relation to this system? Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  5. I am grateful for your releases of this mod because it has got me back into KSP again after the whole KSP 2 launch disappointment. I personally thank you for making these mods because I can tell the hard work you put into them. Keep up the great work but take it slow so you enjoy making the mods! Have a nice day!
  6. Yes, it was just a ravine with very glitchy terrain textures. Very interesting…
  7. Nice! Don’t worry about it, I really like your Restock work and I’m glad you are still working on it!
  8. Sounds great! I haven’t been playing KSP that much but that sounds so interesting that I think I’ll start playing again daily!
  9. @NerteaWhen will Vapor Cones and aero effects besides re-entry effects release and will there be re-entry burn marks on the ship that is affected? That is all I care about and is why I bought the game. Thank you.
  10. I agree! My dream for that mod is that the entirety of the OPM mod’s planets have those clouds including the gas giants. It would be so cool to have an entire system with those lifelike clouds.
  11. I'm probably never going to use this because I like playing with the stock planets, but, if I ever would play RSS, I will come to this mod! It looks amazing and I can't wait to see what it looks like with volumetric clouds! Nice job @Cerious!
  12. @DerpisthewordThe house has been abandoned for years now friend. There are so many KSP mods that I wish were still in development or finished that were left to decay with time. Sorry.
  13. Don't tell the Kerbal government, but I have gotten to Dres once and it just looked like a big rock. On the surface, there were a few stones every couple miles.
  14. I could try, that does sound a little bit easy. Thanks for your reply.
  16. Their voices would be reversed though so how would we know who is who? I love this idea though!
  17. Я на самом деле не русский, я просто хотел быть вежливым. В любом случае приятно познакомиться! --- I'm not actually Russian, I just wanted to be polite. In any case, nice to meet you!
  18. @AtomicTech Is it planned that there will be Near Future Aeronautics configs or is this only for Restock? Thanks!
  19. Hello, Comrade. - - - - Привет, товарищ.
  20. I used the volumetric galaxy from galaxy mode and it created a odd purple nebula inside of the galaxy. That's not even the oddest part yet, I use OPM (or the Outer Planets Mod) and it made a separate star system with the OPM planets there. So there was Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Dres, Jool + moons, and Kerbol in one system and Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, Plock, and a duplicate Kerbol in another system. These two systems were about 0.1 light years away from each other. Also, there was immense lag and I was not even using EVE and Astronomer's Visual Pack. Do you know what is going on?
  21. I meant scatter like the rocks and the trees. When I tested the OPM Parallax, it only has the better ground textures and PQS. I was just wondering if you or someone else were making a ground scatter config for OPM using Parallax 2.0. Thanks for the detailed reply, great work!
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