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  1. hi i have just instaled the kis and kas mods to use with my rovers but for some reason the winchis not an itome on the list along with the tow bars. i had to move some of the files around to get bothe of the mods to load into the game at the same time as thy would only lode the most resent file insald it is saying that is loading 26 paches but the most that it shows in the crft bukder is 15 i dont know what is going on can any help
  2. it was vanial i had to unistal steam but it is working now thanks
  3. tied to laod ksp this morning but for some reason it just keeos geting stuck on the first loading screen with a like 5% of the bar loading then freezing there the imig role is still runging so ksp is still runing but just not laoding i have tried uninstaling and re instaling and cheking for updates computer off and on again outher games load fine it is just ksp i havbe never had this problem befor at all it has always run smoothly can any one help thanks
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