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  1. Love these new updates! Thank you for taking our criticism and following through <3
  2. This!! I totally agree. I do understand there will be those who clip that statement and say “they’ve been working on it for x time and it’s still not done” but I truly believe that’s a minority AND it’s possible that they could be right and maybe it’s time to find a new person to tackle the issue or a new work around. But regardless, I only see positives for going this route as a whole.
  3. I do believe he said these aren’t ALL the bugs, just too 10. Tbh I feel like this was totally adequate and for things like you mentioned, it might just have to be something we wait on. I’ve been pretty upset with the devs up until today as well but this update did a lot more for me and it sounds like everyone else than any of the other updates and I think, especially this time, we should take what we got and be happy with it. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think it’s important to remember that nothing will ever be perfect for you, but could be good for all
  4. This is great, thank you so much for listening to us. Tbh I almost didn’t even look for an update today and was planning on waiting a few months but low and behold, the KSP Twitter showed up in my feed to a nice surprise! This definitely rekindled my hope.
  5. I feel like it, yes.
  6. This has been the most down to earth and truthful statement from the devs so far and I really appreciate it. I’m glad you’re aware the game is not in an acceptable state and that regardless of the content, each post here is expressing their love for the game in different ways. This is much more along the communication I expected and hope to have more of this in the future.
  7. Honestly LinkedIn is way more credible than “social media”, especially in the game dev world. We take our LinkedIn very seriously and use it to apply for jobs. It’s not something people lie on
  8. Another friendly reminder that traction shouldn’t be the metric of good or bad topics, but more so the content of the comments. Personally I didn’t comment on the dev diaries but I always read and appreciated them ❤️ especially because I’m interested in game dev and computer science. However there’s no evidence of that partly because back when they put them out, I didn’t have an account and also because I had nothing to add, just internal excitement
  9. Idk about anyone else but the first description you gave of what the game is going to be sounds awesome personally. KSP mixed with Satisfactory? Let’s goooooooo! And the gameplay loop you mentioned sounds like a lot of fun! I truly hope the game makes it to that point one day
  10. Oh wow, I just watched the video and I had no idea there was so much going on behind the scenes. UG to ST and all the games they released in buggy, unfinished states just to abandon with the same exact communication we are getting now? I sure hope this game is different and I really wish I didn’t feel so lied to by Nate every time I honestly had a way different opinion on what Nate said until I was reminded about everything else he’s said and how little of it ended up being true. It may be true to his desires, but I don’t believe it reflects reality and is more meant to subdue us.
  11. Sadly I’m a glutton for punishment and keep coming back to the forums after saying I’m done and keep having more tags and I regrettably feel the need to respond. But this is not my impression exactly. Going rogue is a weird way of putting it considering I said they “allow” them to work on whatever they want. Also not sure why it was highlighted and boldened but okay. What I was trying to say was that rather than delegating tasks based on importance, it’s based off other criteria like what is easy or more fun/less unfun if that makes sense or not even being delegated at all and is more of a “pick your own adventure” type of thing or even “pick what you can do”. As a developer, we do find enjoyment in our work. Some things (like diving into a new system or algorithm like marching cubes or even making your own) tends to be way more fun than fixing a system you put in place that took weeks to make and so now you’re a little lost on some of the math you don’t fully understand. I get it because it happens to me but we, in the industry, always need to focus on the final product, not just what’s fun to do or easier in some cases. And im pretty sure I said this in the post but im not confident in that assessment but it’s what it looks like to me, someone who’s been in the field. Also I never said the grid fins were a result of that, honestly I feel like grid fins have been being worked on for a while but the physics took a while to tweak to feel right but because a lot of people want to make SpaceX replicas, it’s become higher priority to give players something extra to do, especially since the real rockets aren’t meant to do what you can’t do in KSP 2 yet. If anything I feel that the grid fins were the one thing pushed through production from higher ups and was actually delegated which would be even scarier than the situation you mentioned. But you can take it however you want I suppose, though I meant it how I said it originally and I hope this clears it up for you ❤️
  12. Before I go I do think I should shed some light on a topic. I work in the games industry as an animator/programmer and we have always had priority lists. Things that should be worked on and/or finished and things that are low priority. Some things (like multiplayer) will need to be worked on in parallel to make sure all added features are compatible . Bugs (usually and should always) be the highest priority. And seeing various different items (like grid fins) being prioritized over other things (science, engines, etc) is just an odd choice to highlight while the entire community is struggling to even play the “game” while there aren’t even gameplay loops or goals. Ultimately from my experience in the game industry, this is what a studio I worked for looked like and they went under hard and fast. I also can’t confidently say but it seems like they allow their staff to work on whatever they feel like without any regard for what is priority and what is just something you can add to the game to satisfy people while you try to figure out the bugs. Anyways, this will for sure be my last message, just thought of this on my drive home and thought it might be important to share since a lot of people assume that everyone in here has never made an indie video game in their life and that everyone is just whining which I think is also unproductive. If a majority of your player base is “whining” then the problem isn’t with the community, just saying.
  13. Yeah, I think this is all the info I needed to say goodbye. If all they’re working on is grid fins and a single bug then my worst fears are confirmed. Thank you for your effort here on the forums and I hope everyone enjoys the game ❤️ That’s a minimization if I’ve ever seen one lol that’s like saying I’m the only person experiencing a horrible gaming experience
  14. Convenient misquote… however I respectfully disagree with the overall point so it wasn’t missed. Again, no one proposed a “tire worker” to be building engines. But we expect them to not be making “new cars” when there are existing cars waiting. Hope that makes sense. Seems like a difference in scope.
  15. I can’t quite tell if the quotes are for sarcasm and if so, is that towards the people supporting the game wishing for more actual transparency or because you feel the transparency is adequate but the supporters of the game don’t?
  16. Not trying to be rude or anything but I don’t think anyone is claiming that people who don’t know how to make games should be working on the game… I think the main gripe is why do we have grid fins if there are so many other things we are missing? If it’s models that are needed then modelers should be focusing on what’s needed. If it’s bugs, programmers should be working on it. If there aren’t enough programmers to complete the goals, maybe hiring more would be appropriate? Or maybe not making a brand new game in the background? Idk, it feels a lot like they rushed this game out and now it is what it is. Very sad honestly. But yeah, I don’t think anyone expects mods or writers to be coding the game as that doesn’t make much sense and would create an even worse product.
  17. Tbh I would much rather hot fix patches for important fixes like not being able to use fairings which imo is so common that I don't know how it was missed in QA. I feel like important fixes are being held back for fancier looking updates. Idk, I'm probably going to just move on, this was fun and gave a lot of excitement but after that update I'm kinda over it. Glad those who enjoy it enjoy it, truly jealous.
  18. I hope much, much more than that tbh
  19. Thanks for the heads up! I honestly am daunted by their discord. Idk where I would even find relevant information. Appreciate the update tho!
  20. Yeah just saw on Twitter that they post updates in the afternoon. Guess I’m just salty at them waiting to the last possible second of the week to give an update. Thanks for the research tho! Helps a lot
  21. I might’ve posted this a little too early originally but surely it’s appropriate to bring it up again now that it’s Friday and all we got was another community challenge to try to achieve with the game breaking bugs.
  22. Well I am reluctantly going back to cities skylines while I wait for the sequel to come out but tbh I’m already getting bored of it again. Other than that, the other games I have I’ve burned out and I also don’t have the budget to go out and buy games I don’t fully love, hence why when this game launched I was hopeful it would be at least playable two months in. I get what you’re saying but tbh that’s not an accurate depiction of my life Ayyy thanks for the tip!
  23. That’s totally fair, I very well could be being impatient but I personally don’t think it’s for no reason. It just feels bad to be told we will have more info a week later about an update that most likely will be another week later. Feels like it’s kicking the can really far down the road. I also suppose I’m a bit more impatient because I haven’t had any other games to play and I stupid spent money on this game thinking it’d be playable in a couple months but I was sorely mistaken. Ultimately it does fall on me though for trusting in a game that shouldn’t have had trust placed in it. I apologize if my original post rubbed you the wrong way
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