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  1. The Mountains of Madness. Watch out for giant penguins.
  2. *quiet voice* maneuver tool plot stopped working for me after a few hours XD - I updated my GPU driver; I’ll see if it’s working again when we get home from this day trip.
  3. For some reason my maneuver tool stopped displaying the predicted path; so it was kind of useless. I updated my GPU driver; maybe that will do something. I’ll check it tonight.
  4. Got a space station into orbit. https://youtu.be/nNWrfUNoNws
  5. Also I forgot to mention how much I appreciate being able to set the throttle with a mouse click and drag, much finer control.
  6. I like the way entry/exit of SOI is presented as a 3D ripple though I think it could be a smaller indicator. The controls feel more forgiving. I like the procedural wings. I also like the fact that they seem to wire up properly by themselves based on their orientation without needing to go into properties and assigning them to pitch, yaw and roll. I love that I can see my Kerbals through the windows.
  7. I agree, my elevators were overcontrolling with SAS on takeoff, but I turned it back on when I was landing and it was really smooth. Maybe it's only an problem when you're at high thrust relative to your speed?
  8. OK I landed on the Mun. It seems way easier than KSP. Seems smooth on a RX 6800 XT. I'm uploading the landing video and I'll post it later. Yeah something weird is going on with debris. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPGDv92CWDQ
  9. OK lol I managed to land an airplane
  10. Tutorials so far... it's lovely, just a few rough spots. Second tutorial doesn't seem to recognize I returned my rocket to vertical until after I exited the atmosphere. The pauses during the tutorial just resulted in me jettisoning the second stage as well as the first. Probably because I'm being impatient.
  11. So far, doing tutortials, the second tutorial didn't seem to accept that I had gotten my rocket back to vertical until it left atmosphere.
  12. That's a good question. The devs have no doubt played with a lot of the popular science mods, like SCANSAT, but that sort of thing would probably be related to resources in the Exploration module, which is pretty far along the roadmap. I expect Science mode will be like KSP1 stock when it comes out, where you get all the science you earn available to spend on technology immediately, and probably no mobile labs. We'd get labs with colonies, I should think, as without resources, there's no other reason to make colonies. Once resource gathering is available in Exploration, buying more advanced parts would presumably cost specific resources, and perhaps going forward on the tech tree would also cost resources. I just hope we have a way to get accurate elevation data out of the box, and a suicide burn calculator. Otherwise it's gonna be ugly.
  13. Yeah monitor #2 is left over from my last work from home job - they didn’t want it back lol
  14. OK well the RX 6800 XT is here and it’s finally installed through what I can only attribute to divine intervention. Didn’t consider that it wouldn’t have legacy video ports so my monitor #2 is out for a few days until I get the adapter.
  15. Are the UI elements configurable widgets? I think having the navball on the lower left is better maybe others would like it in the center where it used to be. Thank you for your service
  16. Ryzen 7 1700 8 core AMD RX 6800 (getting here today) 16GB DDR4
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