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  1. I wonder if @JonnyOThan could make KSA ivas for the crewed Rodan command pods...
  2. Huh. Strange. Anyways, would you be able to make a bigger supermodule out of two BDB S-II wet workshops stuck together?
  3. Is CryoTanks a hard dependency?
  4. @EStreetRockets, I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but the shuttle-c engine mount with oms pods doesn't have any liquid fuel or oxidizer in them, meaning they can't use benjee's kj-10 oms engines. Now I am going to try out the new content on github. Great job!
  5. Do you have either a kerbal on Eva or a landed craft when you press ctrl k?
  6. @Angelo Kerman, are the fuel tank parts supposed to have switchable contents besides just ore? On my install, the only contents available for the fuel tanks is ore. Do I need a different mod installed to be able to switch the contents of the fuel tanks?
  7. TBH, it looks like a Tweakscaled Starrider, combined with a Tweakscaled OV-100 Aft Fuselage and KJ-10 engines from SOCK, and 3 Tweakscaled SSME engines from RMM.
  8. Hi, Is there a mod that adds a Saturn V Mobile Service Structure that is the same scale as the mobile launch platform that is in AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Platforms mod?
  9. I just noticed that there is now an expendable starship nose and aft section and fuel depot parts. I will download the dev release later today. Also, are there plans to include the hot staging piece in between starship and superheavy?
  10. @DimonD, are you still going to do the Energia II rocket? Or is that on hold? Also, will MKS work on 2.5x scale Kerbin?
  11. Ok. I was asking because I saw something labeled "LTEP" in the Skylab todo list on the github issues page.
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