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  1. I'm also curious about this, a lot of weird stuff has been going on ever since the T2 acquisition.
  2. I bought KSP from the store back in 2012 or 2013. I also own an entirely separate copy on steam, but I prefer using the store downloaded version because I don't like having to launch all of steam just to play KSP. I recently got a new computer, and I can no longer find the downloads page on the KSP store, even after logging in. What happened to it? All I can see is the "The KSP Store is currently closed for business. In this page you can find the links for all our official re-sellers." along with links to steam/gog/whatever.
  3. Sorry if this has been answered before, but for the inline hangar, how does the scale of the hangar affect what docking ports can be used? I have a small ship with a bunch of scientific instruments that I want to be able to dock to the hangar itself, but the inline hangar is of size 1.6 or 1.7 so im not sure what docking port to use on the small ship
  4. Kerbalism, hopped right into it as my first try at a save with LS. Took some getting used to, to say the least
  5. Old and slightly outdated but still useful tutorial: If you have any ideas for a planet pack already in mind, PM me
  6. Hi all, I'm currently working on heightmaps for Cravenic. However, I don't really have the faintest clue what im doing when it comes to PQS stuff and all the guides I've been able to find leave a lot of questions unanswered. Would someone be willing to help us out? Teaser images of a (very) WIP Cravenic:
  7. Is the discord still up? for me it says invite expired
  8. really really sorry to necropost, but did anyone ever find a good tool for doing this? I have the exact same problem
  9. There used to be a guide somewhere for exporting SpaceEngine planets for Kopernicus IIRC. Possibly you could use some modified textures from SpaceEngine/other planet packs if youre not sure where to start? EDIT: decided I want to help with this project, PMed you
  10. not sure if it's been mentioned before, but Hangars is a great mod which lets you store entire ships, unloaded, in hangar bays to reduce part count. I love the mod and use it all the time, but the models are a bit... lacking. Would it be possible to get parts for this mod that work with Hangars?
  11. Yeah, kerbalism does kill a lot of antennas and make them non functional i just have a MM patch for the ones i really like What does TAC-LS have that kerbalism doesn't though?
  12. sorry to necropost, but has anyone gotten this mod to work on 1.3.1?
  13. nah, I didn't mean the menu was bugged I just meant the Kerbalism one looks/feels nicer to me haha Theres a settings.cfg file, as well as a seperate profile config file for LS stuff. The Kerbalism Github Wiki is a good place to start if you want to learn more about it. It definitely does aim for a pretty serious game, but it's nice to have the option for more depth in the game in my opinion. There isn't an in-game menu for configuring the difficulty and features unfortunately if you need some help writing a config though I'd be glad to help!
  14. Kerbalism is basically TAC-LS with a bunch of added stuff, including pressure/temperature control, kerbal sanity/health, part malfunctions, better background simulation, a slightly-more-complex-than-stock signal system (and automation features for it), some science storage tweaks, and space weather/radiation that affects both kerbal health and part malfunctions (plus loads of features that im probably forgetting). Any of those features can be disabled. If you just want to keep the features like food/water/O2/EC consumption, its near identical to TAC-LS in terms of complexity (but is balanced slightly differently). It also offers a nicer status/control panel than any of the other LS mods but thats just my opinion
  15. This movie looks amazing! Finally a good space movie I can watch with my family without having to translate everything to english
  16. If youre having problems with background simulation stuff, Kerbalism is the way to go IMO. Default configuration is actually quite a big more complex than TAC-LS, which is itself harder than USI-LS, but there's lots of features you can disable. Fully closed loop is also possible I think but you might need some MM patches to get parts from other packs to work for it.
  17. Love this pack! super lightweight and looks as good if not better than the more high-end ones. Only thing I miss is scatterer water. My only question is - does anyone have a config for the New Horizons planet pack?
  18. does anyone know of a working MM patch to get USI-LS parts to work for kerbalism?
  19. So I'm using 1.3.1, and no craft has any signal at all for me. Is this a known issue because kerbalism is outdated, or is it probably a mod conflict?
  20. @Kerbal101 sorry for being a total noob, but how do I use the patch?
  21. sorry to open a dead thread back up, but does anyone have an alternative to kerd.space up, or do I have to put up my own webserver to get the Telemachus interface?
  22. Thanks! I didn't realize I was missing the CLS interface dll
  23. @ShotgunNinja what do I need to install to build your mod? (im using microsoft visual studio if thats important)
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