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  1. I converted all to .DDS already,long ago. (for personnal use) Its looks good to me.
  2. You using .PNG textures (and currently a lot of modmakers) why?
  3. Maybe they hire Uwe Boll to make a movie about small little green aliens - who eating human brains for "extra money".
  4. always the couch... consolers are a bit of too much for me,they swap keyboard and mouse to a couch,where is the couch while Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon?
  5. i personally salute to Flying Tiger,they ported the VAB crashes too,its a core part of the game.
  6. currently,i guess from the "noodle" rockets,ksp test forces within parts - for example:the rocket engine really needs to "know" where the landing legs? btw,i dont know,maybe grab the whole craft against the rocket engine until some heavy force come up to tear your craft apart.
  7. This is not an easy thing but here is some tips: -lot of heavy calculations should be precalculated -ease cpu to calculate phisycs only if the stress (forces) level are higher or lover than X -if the vechicle seems to destroyed by an upcoming contact (crash) sould not calculate the event - just destroy the craft with a randomized way -remove all the fancy menu animations (like in the main menu) -remove all the ui transparency,especcially in VAB and SPH -do not hide the loading screen while scenery is loading (craft pops early after hit the fly button) -kill the animated water below the terrain,if still need it then at least dont use the water texture,use some blank really small placeholder texture (maybe need to define the water areas to use the default water text and effect on it) -a lot of textures already bloated,it a nasty mess of ***** - resize the textures,you dont need 1024x1024 for a small landing gear or a small black seat... -loading all the stuffs and assets just at the beginning of the game ? say no,its noobish,we programming this way back in the commodore era. (if ksp growing in the same way,we need a "insert game disk 2" soon or later (because out of memory)) -etc..
  8. Command seats - mod Lots of new parts - mod Flag planting - mod Career & science modes (do science, complete contracts, earn money and science to unlock new parts, rockets cost money, upgrade buildings, etc.) - mod Biomes (basically only useful in career mode) - mod Subassemblies - mod Tweakables (Adjust stuff in the VAB/SPH) - mod A hybrid Jet and Rocket engine (the RAPIER) - mod Asteroids - mod size 3 parts - mod Completely new and retextured spaceplane parts - mod You can blow up buildings now New explosion effects - mod Transfer crew without EVA - mod Kerbals can be Engineer/Scientist/Pilot and have experience points in Career mode - mod Female Kerbals Fairings - mod Mining (YESSSSSS!) - mod Re-entry heat and heat shields and radiators (this is a big one) - mod Parts can sort of sink now - mod You need to wait at least 2 years more.
  9. its not a bug,maybe the staff need to alter the shadow system. same bug in skyrim:
  10. Claw,you are my personal hero now Please make the UI a lot faster,at least 10x - i mean while in the Main Menu to Load Game and the scene change in Mapview and normal view mode. Currently the camera moves very slow,its eating my nerves.
  11. anno TT created a working gears with incredible physics - in a couple of days.
  12. i love you bssthu the best of GPWS:alt countdown while ascending with you lander to a wast of darkness and fog.
  13. no errors or NRE,i deleted the cirrus clouds with the cloudsmanager,now everything fine and look better now
  14. my clouds are dark and weird.: scatterer and 7.1 HR
  15. i really hope u come around and update your gpws-nagging nadia :(