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  1. Yep. AMA answers will be published as text here and on Discord afterwards.
  2. Just popping my head in here to say we're aware of this report and QA is working on reproducing right now. Thanks for all the details you've shared thus far!
  3. Make sure to submit your questions for next week's AMA with Nate over here or on the Discord!
  4. Hi all, To celebrate the release of KSP2 and our first big patch, we're hosting a Discord AMA with Nate Friday 3/24 from 9am-10am PST. Reply below with any questions you have for Nate. We are also taking questions over in the Discord. Heads-up that we only have an hour so we won't be able to get to every question! Looking forward to it, Dakota
  5. Definitely a good idea! There might be a legal reason we need to show it every time but I'll ask around and see if it would be possible to add a checkbox or setting.
  6. It definitely does seem high, which is why we're looking into it. Got some details for you: The game sends out telemetry data upon launch, but it also collects telemetry data on vessels after you build them so if a crash happens we have some insight into what kind of vessel you created. Right now the telemetry system records a lot of data from each vessel, but we're looking to reduce the amount of data sent by this part of the system in the future.
  7. The community's feedback is critical to KSP2's future development. We're building the game with you all! Thanks for the kind words @ShadowZone, will definitely pass along to the team.
  8. Definitely make sure to send in a bug report if you can reproduce the issue!
  9. Hiya, If you have any feedback about the modding subforums, please include it below. Current ideas: Additional subforums splitting mods into tools/3rd party programs/modloaders etc Tutorials/guides Tags in the mods list with latest version supported and what areas of the game they affect. Thanks, Dakota
  10. Raised KSP1 above Community/International as suggested. Going to look to see if there's a better way to ensure KSP1 still gets visibility on the site - but hopefully this change addresses your concerns for now.
  11. There's zero plan to shut down the forum or move away from them. They're an important part of this community's history and an incredibly valuable trove of advice, stories, and fun. I've stated this before but Discord is just a new platform we're using to connect with a different part of the community - but it also has its downsides. The forum works spectacularly well and there's no reason to shut it all down. As for the ordering of the forums, I'll look over all of it on Monday and see if I can come up with a solution that pleasures both active players of KSP1 and KSP2.
  12. Challenges will continue to be shared on the forums and socials, as well as Discord. Totally respect if it's not the platform for you, so we're doing our best to make sure information/content is spread everywhere.
  13. Working on this internally with the engineers responsible for the mod support. Will give an update once we have something substantial to share.
  14. Today's second communication from the team will be coming shortly. Edit: Nate's post is here:
  15. Good shout. Will look into next week.
  16. A dark version of the blue theme has been added alongside a new red theme complete with it's own darkmode version too. You can change your theme at the bottom of the forum: Going to be tweaking these over the next few weeks until they're perfect. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions.
  17. It's been almost 2 weeks and already we're seeing some incredible community creations that are out of this world! From towering rockets to nimble landers, Kerbonauts everywhere are putting their skills to the test, pushing the limits of what's possible and exploring the farthest reaches of the Kerbol system. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we take a look at some of the amazing things that the community has created in these first two weeks: blaine141 on Discord @lightningfox16 VIRUS on Discord Boyzmun on Discord @endoraiii Schwing2727 on Discord @aozora504 DocSkineur on Discord /u/Tritri89 @SpaceExplorerW Hubble on Discord /u/lIIllIlIIllIl /u/LiterallyNoPrecision @Klapaucius Fox. on Discord Photino1 on Discord RiccoKane on Discord @Xacktar sk on Discord Chaotic on Discord /u/pillow-willow /u/Kuriente axxessdenied on Discord /u/Dumbledick69420 /u/Pants0nFiree Kapybara on Discord DrunkenFROG on Discord Video.mp4 /u/ImBetterOffline /u/PaeluReddit /u/Gregrox ---- Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your favorite creations, moments, fanart, and more below! Thanks everyone, Dakota
  18. Can confirm, still speaking backwards Spanish
  19. Eve is objectively the best answer for planets. And for me, Laythe is the best moon.
  20. Definitely a good shout. Will consider for future system requirement updates. Thanks!
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