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  1. VIII. Come Fly With Me Game version This mission was a really fun experience! I didn't think the plane would survive quickloading but to my surprise, it did! I haven't quite figured out how to get it home yet, but I am thinking of doing orbital rendezvous and getting it home from there.
  2. Wet mass with Kerbal: 0.49 tonnes/ Wet mass without Kerbal: 0.40 tonnes/ Dry mass: 0.38 tonnes I've negated the need for landing gear by instead of landing horizontally, we use the reverse thrust on the jet engine to slow down and land vertically nose first into the ground. Some more pictures:
  3. That sounds interesting, I'm getting Duna encounters just fine on I know it sounds stupid but are you sure it isn't your inclination that's messing you up?
  4. VII. Strangers in a Strange Land Game version So I've finally gotten flags and footprints on Duna. It was my first crewed interplanetary mission, and my first interplanetary landing at that. I appreciate you adding the probe landing and return mission before the crewed one, it really helped me get the hang of interplanetary missions without risking the lives of Kerbals. I really enjoyed your challenge series, I hope you add more challenges in the future!
  5. VI. Bring it home Game version This was a really fun mission to do! However, I did encounter a bug with this maneuver node, and quite maybe how KSP 2 calculates the displayed trajectories in the first place. Burning so that you eject in the retrograde direction makes the maneuver node and the trajectory displayed while in Dunar SOI think that this will raise your solar orbit, and ejecting prograde makes them think that your solar orbit will lower, which doesn't make any sense. But once you escape Duna, the actual trajectory only displays then. That meant that I had to eyeball my Duna escape and make correction burns in the solar orbit so that I intercept Kerbin. It was a real task to do but I managed to get back to Kerbin.
  6. It puzzles me a lot, the craft is just a probe core with a reaction wheel but it still moves with the WASD keys.
  7. V. Desolation Road Game version The debris of the skycrane marks the original landing position of the rover, you can see I've driven some distance to demonstrate its mobility.
  8. IV. First Landing Game version The mission is quite simple, I just put the ship on a collision course with Duna at the equator and landed there. I used a skycrane style lander to do an unpowered parachuted decent there. This mission was really fun! Although it was quite simple and short, I had gained a lot of experience on how to build Duna entry vehicles. Definitely need more reaction wheels to prevent the craft from flipping on the aerobrake.
  9. III. Transmitting Live From Duna Game version In the same fashion as the last mission, I've done an aerocapture to save fuel.
  10. II. Otherworldly Connection Game version To save fuel and launch mass, I've decided that all the missions except Destination Duna will utilize aerobraking or aerocapture. This was a really good learning experience for me, it's the first time I've done an aerocapture to save fuel.
  11. I. Destination Duna Game version
  12. Absolutely thrilled for colonies! Resource gathering and automated supply deliveries are going to completely change things!
  13. Aw. That sucks. I was planning to make a spaceplane that could have oxidizer on drop tanks so that after deorbiting, I could detach them so I wouldn’t haul around tonnes of dead weight.
  14. Is there an option to have dedicated oxidizer tanks? I know there is one for liquid fuel that is the liquid fuselage.
  15. When I get higher in the atmosphere the raper engines just die. I heard they are supposed to switch to a closed cycle when they run out of air but they just won't do it
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