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  1. This is amazing work!! I speak for everyone, including those who think this game will fail, that we appreciate all your guys’ work. Hey, and while we’re in the topic of grid fins and booster reusability, may I ask if Falcon 9-like landing legs have been planned to be added yet? It would pair really well with that small grid fin part of the image. I’ll be eagerly but patiently waiting for the next update. See you guys on the next post!
  2. I thought it was a smaller list! Thanks for all your work.
  3. Sorry for the late update, but I’ve switched to just using Near Future LV’s cargo bays. Thanks for everything though! Definitely helps for other projects.
  4. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to deploy the nosecone, and the fairing is not supposed to separate, instead I use it to protect the payload inside.
  5. Here's an image of a little rocket that I built: This thing works kind of like SpaceX's Starship. It is part of a bigger stack, and it would fly back and do a propulsive landing next to the KSC. See that nosecone on the top? It comes from the ReStock+ mod, and it is connected to that Alligator hinge from the BreakingGround DLC. The idea is that this would act similar to the Starship vehicle, and inside that fairing you'd have payload(s), that would be released by opening the nosecone and having them float out that way. The fairing would essentially act like a cargo bay and not deploy. However, the nosecone is just extremely unstable during flight. It moves around and deploying it is a pain. This could be fixed with some struts, but you'd have to disconnect them and have an engineer use the EVA building feature to place struts again, and I'm not planning on making this craft kerbal rated. What can I do?
  6. Thanks for this answer! This method is easy and has given fairly realistic results. Turns out my rocket can lift roughly 2.3 tons to LKO while only costing 6k funds. Beat that, Rocket Lab!
  7. I found a post that asked the same question. A user by the name of GoSlash27 responded to it with an equation, but I'm not sure what he means with some of the names and ways he names the unknown values (link). I would've loved to ask them what they meant with some of these definitions, but unfortunately the comment and the post are almost a decade old at this point. And, between 9 years ago and today, we've had a lot of changes, so maybe the equation is no longer correct. That's why I'm asking any of you that knows, how can I know the maximum tons to LKO that my rocket can carry? Maybe there's a website, or perhaps an equation, but I really don't know. I'll be happy with any of your answers!
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