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  1. Added version 3.2 to the download section for those of you having issues with 4.0.
  2. So as a workaround for the archive-parts lock that Mediafire did on my Celestial Bodies Revamped HD pack, I reuploaded them as .zip files, which I tested and are extractable with winrar at least, 7zip doesn't tho and not sure about the built in windows zip. It is required to download both the .zip and .z01 file and then extract over the .zip. So this is better than no downloading at all. I don't manage the texture packs, you can post it yourself on the subreddit, its just a link to your post.
  3. - for you german users if you're interested, I was a guest on Selgalds "Talkrakete", talking about the mod, ksp and me. Check it out if anyone is interested. It's a 4 part, with part 1 and 2 out as of when I'm writing this, I added it to the first post under reviews.
  4. gettin real tired of this ****, mediafire is telling me to upgrade because it doesn't like me using split archives. But I was just capable of downloading both the part1 and part2 and extract them just fine with winrar, right-clicking part1 and extract to/here
  5. Ok, changed all file types to .rar/.rar.part - both Universe Replacer and my Celestial Bodies Revamped pack. Hope this makes everyone happy now. (zip is an unacceptable format for splitting archives so no more whining)
  6. Well I have to split the archive into max 200mb parts because I don't have a mediafire premium account. And 7zip splits them into 001, 002 etc parts. If you are familiar with split archives and know which ones work, tell me what kind.
  7. My mun is sharper and displays ALL craters because the texture is generated by scanning the mun's surface - so it doesn't get any more precise than mine.
  8. Yes... it is possible, at least for music, and it would even be possible to add more random music parts that are played during vehicle construction and when in space because they use a playlist which I can fill... but the question is, would someone even bother to create music that could be used? The lack of textures being created would hint at no, and normally people that want to listen to music could just turn off the in game music and listen to what ever they want over their desktop.
  9. Anything from 4096x2048 to 512x256 depending on the body.
  10. Released Universe Replacer v4.0 Didn't get around to supporting more parts, but you can always add support for them manually over the cfg, this update is mainly to improve the looks of planets and memory usage, enjoy.
  11. I don't want anyone redistributing my work, you can use them as bases or templates, but if they just end up looking like mine in a slightly different color or something like that, then I wouldn't be very happy about it.
  12. Ok, finally done - updated my Celestial Bodies Revamped texture pack to rev4! Also, I will be releasing Universe Replacer v4.0 soon, which brings a brand new feature that recreates celestial body textures during loading with filtering - which means no more grisly pixels and artifacts on high res textures in the distance. PS: I also really wished more people would make textures and link them on Reddit for more variety, I've seen a lot of stuff being made or ideas being brought up - but nothing linked or created .
  13. Not true, you can replace stock part textures as well - currently only pods/cores tho, more will be added in the future.
  14. Ok so I created a work around. Color32[] aPixels = xTexture.GetPixels32(); string sName = xTexture.name; int nWidth = xTexture.width; int nHeight = xTexture.height; Resources.UnloadAsset(xTexture); Texture2D xNewTexture = new Texture2D(nWidth, nHeight, TextureFormat.ARGB32, true); xNewTexture.name = sName; xNewTexture.SetPixels32(aPixels); xNewTexture.Apply(true, false); xNewTexture.Compress(false); xNewTexture.Apply(false, true); xNewTexture.filterMode = FilterMode.Trilinear; xNewTexture.anisoLevel = 9; xNewTexture.mipMapBias = -0.5f; GameDatabase.Instance.databaseTexture[i].texture = xNewTexture; GC.Collect(); GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers(); It's important that these things happen in this order.
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