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  1. Appears to be a bug in 1.4.2 where the Re-Entry effects of other parts eg. a jettisoned stage will not fade out or disappear as the part either burns up or moves out of physics range and will remain visible all the way to the ground.
  2. They definitely work, I keep ending up in said trail when I re-enter, so glad this works though, the new stock effects look horrid without this.
  3. My avatar still is crappy MS paint form because I'm too lazy to change it...Also, the Comic Sans was great...(never again)
  4. Now THIS is an amazing aviation video, possibly my favorite video on all of YouTube.
  5. qwertyx2y

    RIP Bowie

    Planet Earth is blue, and their is nothing I can do... RIP David Bowie.
  6. Yup, but its a Text based message...but yes...Rich Purnell is a Steely Eyed Missile Man. Now, for you people who don't want it spoiled.... HAHAHA YOU STILL HAVE A DAY TO WAIT! NZ FTW!
  7. yea, but the movie REALLY needs to be experienced first...but if you must know...my only major issue was Watney 'Iron Mans' it part of the way to the Hermes...not all the way...but still.... other than that...it was Perfect.
  8. Just got back from the Martian. No spoilers...But Matt Damon nails Watney. Also, I only had 1-2 Minor flaws personally...But no spoilers... Overall, My favourite movie...possibly ever...
  9. 2 hours to go....I cannot wait... SOON...
  10. I live in New Zealand. Why is this important? BECAUSE THE MARTIAN IS OUT TOMORROW! CLEAR THE TRACK CAUSE THIS HYPE TRAIN HAS NO BRAKES! In all seriousness, I have organised a rather large group of friends to go in to the nearest movie theatres Premier of the Martian. Also...I can't hear the word Botanist without feeling excitement, which kinda sucks seeing as we are doing Botany at school ATM.
  11. I would recommend Il2 1946, which is one of the world best combat flight sim while still being extremely easy to get into you can get it for a few bucks, and has a bucket load more accuracy, playability, all plane unlocked from the install, less graphically intensive (is from 2005) and you can play it offline.
  12. Welp....Guess I'll be back when 1.1 releases, forums are going to go into a new age of flame wars over this... thank god for good admins... But I'm still going to go and leave the forums for a bit. Also, ITS A GOOD THING KSP IS ON CONSOLES More people play KSP, more people interested in spaceflight, more people giving squad money to help develop KSP for ALL PLATFORMS!
  13. Be aware you can 3-point turn a cruise liner in the loading times, and the controls don't seem the most intuitive.
  14. I never even saw it, NASA TV Refused to load up.... I Hate living on the other side of the planet sometimes...
  15. Fitting music for any accident review I play it after some accidents, it makes me actually work out what went wrong, and feel bad even if the accident was practically unavoidable.