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  1. I really like this mod, although I kinda miss an option to disable the far/near checks. I know it will not be accurate if I use NEAR and disable the adjustments but I would like to have this problem to deal with.
  2. Hey Guys. I thought you might like my little project. (Requires Telemachus: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24594-0-23-5-%282014-5-3%29-Telemachus-%E2%80%93-Telemetry-and-Flight-Control-in-the-Web-Browser As you might have guessed it is called TeleKerbin I worked on it for a or two now and i think it is time to do some releasing. (Does include password stealer however, i want your steam account ) Works on: WinVista or higher with x86 and x64 and Linux Mono (crashes if not started inside a X-Terminal) Here is a link to binary: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33521283/TeleKerbin%20v0.1Alpha.zip Please report all bugs, so I can put them in my ticket system Features: - Displays important data in a console like fashion - Displays your orbit on a WinForm for orientation - Landing Helper: Beeps if you are below 10000m and above 50m/s vertical speed or below 500m and above 10m/s - Graphical Display of the following resources: Oxidizier, LiquidFuel, MonoProp and AblativeShielding (DeadlyReentry) - Reentry Data (atmospheric pressure per square meter relative to launchpad. NOT in PSI or BARs) - Extensible via Plugins Coming Soon on 0.2 Alpha (ETA unkown): - Better Landing Warnings (Preciser Calculations) - Reentry Warning - Better AtmDR and AtmDDR (convert to kPa) - Move UI to external Plugin (make TK fully customizable to the point of a whole rewrite) QuickShot: (my ship "touched" the ground "slighty"... thats why it says lost contact...) (with "touched" I mean rammed and with slightly I mean 13km/s) CommandLine args: [required] {optional} TeleKerbin.exe [ip] {--port <portnumber>} {--nogui} The port defaults to 8085. Ip can be normal ip or a dns (fe.: ilikeksp.com) --nogui disables the plugin Core_Gui.dll (OrbDsp) The forum rules require me to release the source code too so here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33521283/TeleKerbin%20v0.1Alpha%20-%20Source.zip License: CC BY-NC-SA (Warning: Contains ****ty code, kinda thrown it together) You can always create a plugin to extend the functionality (i.e. adopt it for WebSocket) To do that just reference the main binary (TeleKerbin.exe) and create a class that extends TeleKerbin.PluginBase Then place it inside plugins folder. Done. The API calls are pretty self explainatory or look into source code. The Program uses HTTPApi of Telemachus to get the data. It might cause a VERY VERY high spike of data on the first second, so keep some backup power. (It goes as high as ~0.5E/s) but after that goes back to 0.1E/s ----------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind this is a early release (v0.1 Alpha) so anything is subject to change and bugs !!!
  3. I made some screenshots of minmus. The first is taken from my space telescope. The flickering is normal (it seems to be ActiveTextureManagement) http://imgur.com/a/RvGm7
  4. I installed your pack after the instruction. I have only few other mods installed: DeadlyReentry, Toolbar and a HullCamera VDS. Problems I have: Minmus seems to have strings attached to it holding it in the sky. They are not visible all the time and from all angles. Seems to be a problem with something rendering. I also have some missing textures. (I installed EVERY mod named in the main post. But some newer Engines (RAPIER, all LVs, all JetEngines, the Illumintator Mk.1 and 1 part from HullCam. They are just pink. I am trying to patch the configs. Can you give me a hint what is either missing or what config I messed up?
  5. I am currently developing a little telemetry console (inspired by some dude making it with arduino i started a similar project with c# on dotnet40. My problem is I have DeadlyReentry installed. It would be nice to query the values of resources added by mods, currently that does not seem to work. Either I get a 500 or random data from Telemachus. With random data I mean a value of any other resource that telemachus reads. I got the current version. Is there a way to get the values of the resource "AblativeShield" with the default telemachus? edit: Also: how can I get the current stage number?
  6. Currently planets and moons are rendered all the time. You can download a telescope mod and a good asas system like mech-jeb to see this. You can see duna and eve by adjusting with the hand but anything farther out may just swish by. Also there is a mod to change the skybox. (BTW I like it the way it is..., could be brighter) That could be in the game. For the glowing dots, I disagree. The light reflected of a craft is minimal. The ISS is only visible on dark nights. A half moon might just make it vanish and blur. But maybe there could be a adjustable option? (Like: No Visual Assistance (Fly-by-eye), Position Assistance (the normal dots), Visual Assistance after 5km (the glowing dot), PA until 10km + VA after 5km (both but with a distance without it), Automatic PA or VA (will use the better option))
  7. Jea, I can work without it for now but it would be nice to remove these depencies or mirror them to an own framework...
  8. First: I like this mod, a lot. Second: Don't know if it is a bug, but the webpage is only working when the device showing it has internet connection. Some devices that I use have none and fail to display the webpage at all. It would be nice if it would work LAN only and not Internet only...
  9. first: the lang is not intended to do real recursive stuff. Just basic counting and powering numbers. seconds: it is a vary basic compiler that actually allocates about 512bytes memory for variables and functions. the problem of the stack thingy is a user problem the lang is supposed to do nothing for the user. Also the stack would make some things with variables very unconvinient. KISS principle. third: a15 is used very shortly when calling with parameters. otherwise it could only support 14 parameters. last point: i am about to face the GCSE (Realschul Abschluss Deutschland) so i cannot work on the compiler i would be happy to see some mods for it. the principle is simple: keep the level very low so the users is almost at assembler but always remembre the c style. Copyright and License for the KCompiler: The license for the KCompiler is the same as for any other mod for ksp (official mods in the forum) => CC BY-SA-NC Applies for code and binary
  10. So im almost finished with the compiler. I give you a link to the compiler plus a source file to compile. But Problem is i didnt get the calculation system to work. So currently you have to do that manually. All variables are stored in memory 12 adresses after the base_adr label which is used to locate the variables. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33521283/KCompiler%20Debug.zip It is still a debug version and requires Windows 7 or Vista. Windows 8 is not supported and will never be...
  11. I think (just my thought) it would be the easiest to intergrate a interrupt to the cpu. For example we call it 0xF00BA8 The connection should reside over UDP. The cpu will recieve packets in 16 byte length. The first 4 bytes will tell the CPU what data to send back (DATA_SRC) The next 5 bytes will tell the CPU the data type and length (DATA_TYPE, first 3 is DATA_TYPE_FORMAT, last 2 is DATA_TYPE_LEN) The next byte tells the CPU if it should handle it with default (internal) or by sending and interrupt to the program running. (MODE_SELECT) The next 2 bytes will be send per interrupt to the program in r1 if the MODE_SELECT byte is not 0. If MODE_SELECT is 0 it will do nothing The next 2 bytes will be send per interrupt to the program in r2 if the MODE_SELECT byte is not 0. If MODE_SELECT is 0 it will do nothing The last byte is a checksum. To create it add up the first 14 bytes and multiply it with the 15th byte. Then take the modulus from 255. This allows for 4 Billion Datas with about 4 Million Types with a length of total 16 kb. The cpu should respond only with the raw data split up nicely to packets. (Just idea)
  12. So I'm about 74% though the process of writing the basic K compiler. For the meantime: MODEMS It would be nice to be able to... ... communicate with nearby ships within 200m (bandwidth about 800 Baud (200m) up to 1600 Baud (<10m)) ... communicate with any target (save cpu state when leaving?, about 80 Baud (+ 2 Mio. m) to 400 Baud (< 2 Mio. m) (remember 1 Baud is about 1 bit per seconds, so 8 Baud is 1 byte/s and 800 Baud are 100 byte/s this speeds should be used to lower the real cpu usage.) after 1 Bio. m it should drop to about 8 to 4 baud. It would allow inter-ship coms and docking manouvers with multiple ships at once and also coordination above great distances...
  13. Never. Linux does run on intel or intel-compatible cpus. There are other linux compatible kernels for ppc and arm but this cpu has not enough power and the ISA is to low for a full kernel or operating system. No offence to simplysimon, but this cpu (or better the envoirment) is designed for batch processing and maybe a very very small disk os (dos).
  14. So I'm currently working on the K-Compiler. It has C-like syntax and has about the same power in program (pointers, etc) The first version will include the any* feature, inline asm and functions but not namespaces. If anyone wants to test this contact me over the forum. I will respond asap when the compiler is working and debugged...