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  1. I understand what you mean but I like to see all of my parts. I am a bit of an artsy person when it comes to my craft XD
  2. There is a stock part called "Probodobodyne RoveMate" (http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Probodobodyne_RoveMate) which is a great rover part but none of the probe cores "fit it". Is it possible to have a part specifically sized to fit the dimensions and thus make rovers more sleek?
  3. Yes, In career mode, was well worth the effort Nest stop: Eve
  4. Today is the day where I landed on Duna, the first time I have landed on another planet. I looked around a bit and saw this amazing sight.
  5. You can check out my other art work at my Deviant (still starting out on it) http://alphagusta.deviantart.com/ Thank you <3
  6. Basically, Length and mass stats displayed in a nice little window in a corner. No further detail needed really.
  7. This is a very good thing to have. within the hardcore gamer crowd, dual screens are much more common now. this is something that is bet to leave untill later (perhaps until the game goes into a BETA state) because the core gameplay is what is the main area of development atm
  8. Working on it, Wanted to get them up first then my PC went capoot, all sorted now
  9. F22/Typhoon Mixed Craft and U2 inspired aircraft WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT B9 -Link to B9 here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/0-20-2-b9-aerospace-pack-r3-1/ These two crafts were built in a save with FAR (Ferram Aerospace) enabled. I have not tested them in a standard atmo model yet though but they should work fine. U3 (U2 Inspired) Pics: http://www./view/ay0y9klv682eo3b/screenshot7.png http://www./view/a9ok1ryrtadl3pc/screenshot4.png http://www./view/h9iocbyk5v1v4rg/screenshot6.png Download: http://www./download/dx...9u5tz/U3.craft F22/Typoon Mix Pics: http://www./view/fh84sieobpaoprk/screenshot10.png http://www./view/df01i26ubk46m6p/screenshot9.png http://www./view/xa98awx46niytrr/screenshot11.png Download: http://www./download/4xxc08dajl5agtx/F20phoon.craft Any feedback on them would be cool
  10. Thank you so much mate. My idea cannot work with such small physics distance
  11. I know that there is a mod or plugin that changes physics distance to 100km but I cannot remember what it is part of or what the pack is called. Can someone help me out with a link to it?
  12. EVE Online MMO is the biggest game world as it uses real measurements of distance ( a standard battlefield can be 100's of KM across ). it has 7,699 solar systems where players can go and the whole star cluster is many MANY light year accross.
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