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  1. Thanks a lot! Will need to check that, I feel is just what I need.
  2. Is there a good mod that simulates those early computers? capable of controlling the launch, burn, etc?
  3. I have a lot of problems during ascent, turning the rocket at the precise moment and keeping there the needed time, etc. That's why I tought, how they did it back then? Seems I would need that small piece of equipment installed on my rockets for the orbital phase.
  4. Thanks for sharing those videos and the info, thing is that I struggle to control my rockets launches in order to reach orbit specially, and I tought, If I cannot properly do it in the game, how those astronauts did manually in real life?
  5. Here's my question, what the NASA and the Soviet space agency used during the 60's for their manned flights into stable orbits and moon landings? Were the astronauts responsible to manually pilot the rockets into orbits, turning them into position and controlling the burns, or that was controlled from a computer or from the earth? Really curious to know about it.
  6. Thanks, I will need a much bigger rocket, and bigger lander as well.
  7. Great, does that include the trip back?
  8. How muh Delta-V will I need for the landing and back? Imagine I can put my lander ready for catching Duna, landing and then back.
  9. I have the feeling my landers are short on fuel, I want a lander capable of retunring all by himself to Kerbin, what will be a minimum kander for that with a bit of spare fuel just to be safe a error will not strand me there?
  10. And how can I do that? I never mixed with "debugging"
  11. I started doing Duna trips, but goind to Duna costs time, putting the lander in orbit, flying there... Is there any way I can try If my landers will work and can achieve a Duna landing without having the play all the sequence?
  12. I can attach my guys to the command pod with KAS, now my problem is I cannot recover the line. I tried the indicated key commands without luck.
  13. Looks good enough for my needs, now I need to wonder how to make that work from command pods. Thanks guys!!
  14. My Kerbals like to fly alone without their ship while doing EVA's, sometimes I manage to get them back, but many more they're lost in space. So my question is, exist any mode that attach the Kerbals to their command post so they can always get back? something like a security line for my brave astronauts. Thanks!
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