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  1. i'v done this no matter what trick i do. borderless mode is always fullscreen and just adds black bars. i already know how to move the window i have tools for that. the messed up part is i don't think anyone can fix this problem its all on them
  2. this does not work.. im after making the window not fullscreen stated in this post here ^
  3. thats the biggest problem i run this on my (LG A1 55 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV) i dont want the game to go fullscreen because i leave up other programs on screen. like OBS/chat or other programs music or anything else. The game regardless of what tool you use it goes FULLSCREEN i have other tools that allows me to move around borderless windows so i can move the game on top of the TV while leaving space below for other apps. But the problem is the borderless mode goes fullscreen. there are other games i have played once u put a game in borderless mode u can set a custom res you want. It will only be that size it does not go fullscreen. I use a TV screen acting as if its more then one screen by placing apps into windows frames. while i have a 2nd pc to run other apps its cheaper to run just one screen. i'v asked the Devs about changing this but sadly no response. so from the start i have been fighting the game borderless mode and trying to find a way to STOP it from going FULLSCREEN.. but no luck Native Resolution : 3840x2160 what i want Custom Resolution : 3840x1620 Making the screen ultrawide but moving it to the top of the screen to have programs down below while able to click in and out of the game on the fly but again i can't do this because they locked it to fullscreen. Only making it bad for streamers and multitaskers.
  4. yes u can set a custom res but borderless still goes Fullscreen, meaning it gives black bars i already tested Steam configs as well other config to try and force it to be borderless without it being fullscreen. None have worked its still acts as fullscreen even if its set to borderless. on top of all this BS with how they have it setup is Nvidia can't record the game while in window mode or borderless mode without it asking to record desktop as well. so there is 3 big problems how they have this setup 1, its not good for streamers because you cant set custom res without the game being locked to fullscreen unless u play in window mode wish is stupid cuz now u have to edit OBS window to cut off the borders 2 borderless mode locks to fit screen when you dont want it to 3 Nvidia privet settings does not see the game while in window/borderless mode and forces you to record desktop when you don't want it to... when u make a smaller window does it show black bars? or does it show your background of the desktop?
  5. i don't need to flex i leave that for the children of the Korn. But i see now not everyone gets the jokes and some more then others have to explain it in better detail so they too understand.
  6. if u kept reading u would of seen the line while my PC seems safe enough with its Temps. it might not be for everyone so take my input with a big grain of salt and happy gaming.. and good luck because you'll need it while it melts your GPU keyword here "your" not mine lol its as if no one knows what sarcasm is anymore haha now why would i make such a claim? 1, check computers cuz some people just don't clean haha 2, its always wise to check every few months 3 wouldn't it be so kind as if someone warned them ahead of time before processing buying or playing this game? give them a warning that this game is GPU dependent and will peg your GPU to 100% load? (no matter the card) wouldn't this be a nice thing to know? Also i didn't know Dell was still making Alienware haha (sarcasm) would not matter of the brand name anyways cuz everyone gets the same chips from only a few companies so its best to follow the chipsets rather then brands haha (cuz we smarter) this is why i got the White Edition 3090ti Rog Strix Oc cuz it has the better chips for power draw and much more. didn't care for the ring u get or the top corner plate i only cared it was white as well best chips for its price point. didn't care for the brand name cuz again that be silly to follow brands and logos. oh and almost forgot i also got this one cuz i plan on doing SLI for it so im getting a 2nd one here shortly yay me. anyways, good luck be safe have fun....
  7. menu Ram and CPU not not being utilized only GPU. thats like making a BET on a horse race where all you did was put all your eggs in one basket. never a wise choice... keyword here was (your) not mine why would u keep a window open in winter? frostbite anyone? have you lived in a room that is -24 to 40C in the dead of winter and summer and your only form of heat is the computer/AC running and when that computer overheats and u need an AC unit to keep it cool. and stable and then people think its hardware when i own more then 4pc in 2 room with the same specs. its somehow my hardware. HAHAHA... The AC flows OVER the case not over the board (been doing this for 25plus years no problems with all kinds of hardware. For the most part its about keeping the AIO cooled not the pc its self. while these temps are fine i can't say the same for others. did u just say a 5950x is bottlenecked to a 3090tioc lol what this made me laugh. Clearly the game is not even using the CPU it was built mostly using GPU and thats it. even Nate Simpson the creative director KSP2 said its GPU dependent they no joke put all the load under GPU witch boggles my mind. no settings in game or out of game change or effect the outcome of the load. again this game is GPU dependent the game was only using 2.7% of my ram and 4% to 6% CPU load which means its poorly optimized and as of right now 98% of the resources used is GPU load for the time being. nothing i can do or say will change this unless they optimize the game better and even the load to put other parts of the computer under load. as you can see the black part of the photo was the game. if i could show you what i was looking at, i would love to but all my forms of taking screenshots take black photos oddly enough. and if i was to take video well then everything will change cuz now im putting the system underload recording. yeah we went to high school together. no setting in game will change any of this i find this to be funny u think there is a bottleneck haha anyways (dies laughing) ANYWAYS!!!! holds laugher back.... no settings in game change anything. FPS is still the same and the load for everything is still the same. giggles..
  8. who said i needed help? i never once asked for any kind of help nor had i spoke up and said (raises hand) i need help pick me pick me... if i needed help i would be in the (help section of the forums ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. haha why would i need another program when i can do all of the temp curves in the bios haha silly boy tricks are for kids. the failsafe i set was from 90c and 100c from the bios the fact my GPU was reaching this twice and then i put the AC unit in the window in the dead of winter haha while its SNOWING outside are u kidding me. this game runs my GPU so hot that it puts other games even CP2077 to shame. i even had to lock the 1,000plus FPS i was getting to a stable 75 to be safe. WHILE IN THE MENU. there SHOULD be a FPS cap for the menu CP2077 burnt up cards in the menu New World brunt up cards while in the menu luckly they patched it a day of the reports. and now this game menu has NO CAP of FPS unless u roll V-sync or Free-sync. as well setting a FPS cap to your card. But we know people love high FPS numbers so they OP'ed out having these on DAY ONE PATCH should of locked FPS while in menu and it didn't so again i leave you with another Grain Of Salt "play at your own risk"
  10. so while ice is freezing outside and i have to run an window AC next to the computer just to get stable numbers and not have the PC shut down on me from overheating. You think this is safe? haha these temps here are only because i have a window AC running over the computer case cuz its an OPEN type. I put the Case in my spec sheet for a reason. If your computer shuts down from overheating while playing any game its a failsafe to protect your devices. While my CPU roughly sits around 27c to 35c the GPU was pegging well over its limit and thus the $6,500plus computer build was shutting down. Now i'm not stating that everyone setup runs normal or cooler. the fact i have to have an AC unit blowing on a OPEN style pc without it overheating on JUST this GAME, Is saying something..... the key point here is, water freezes outside and i need to have a freaking AC unit running in WINTER wearing a freaking coat in my room just to keep the computer stable and u think this is nominal haha this makes me laugh.
  11. while the GPU is pegged at 100% load and no load at all under RAM or CPU its putting a strain on just the GPU and could quite possibly over heat. So if u plan on playing this game i recommend these checks before proceeding. 1, clean the computer 2, well ventilated room 3, put computer within the coldest room or basement 4, good luck because you'll need it while it melts your GPU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mine stayed cool enough because it has an AC unit blowing on it while its -5C/23F outside 16C/61F in house under load it was reaching 70C / 158F way higher if i didn't have a cold room. So keeping a cool room will keep the temps at bay so highly recommend a cool place to play haha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CPU load range from 4% to 6% Ram load 2.7% Ethernet seems it sends out data.......... GPU load mostly 100% while not much is being shown or on screen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ while my PC seems safe enough with its Temps. it might not be for everyone so take my input with a big grain of salt and happy gaming.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PC spec AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090TI OC White Edition 24g, G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 64GB 2x DDR4 3200, MSI MEG X570S ACE MAX AM4, Seasonic Px-1300watts 80plus Platinum, RAIJINTEK PAEAN ATX Case, LG A1 55 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV, Audio Line 6 POD Studio UX2, Akai RPM800 Active Studio Monitors, crying when it only uses 5% to 10% of my computers resources... need to get that train going from Dumbo that song as its ascends up the hill "i think i can i think i can"
  12. oh no, the EFFECT is not following the true shape of the rocket mesh. a whole other mesh is applied over top the part to ACT as if its being hit by the ATMO. yeah im not a fan of this i like the older style better when it comes to the effect. While this here might be cheaper to run it makes me think that other code are cheaper as well. cheaper does not always look better but it may help with performance. Though i do wish that my CPU 5950x uses more then 2% one day.. here is to hoping. You know how the first trailer we see how one of the kerbals slips off the ladder? You remember that time where kerbals would always fall over or never land on their feet? Have you ever missed that feeling of the physics just taking control and Kerbals do Kerbal things and made us laugh? u ever remember that feeling??? no matter what i do. i can not knock over a kerbal i can not laugh over a kerbal falling off or slipping off an object or flop around as they fall off their seats and tumble around. The feeling just seems to be missing and i no joke cried so many times in laughter cuz how funny it was. But that feeling in KSP 2 was ripped away from my soul. i want to feel that again......
  13. so i record video gameplay with Nvidia. well this game wont allow me to record it... but it does if i do one stupid change. so when im recording or trying to record it wants me to allow access to record my desktop no matter if the game is borderless windows of Fullscreen. its always asking me to allow access to record my desktop. now i dont want to record my desktop i want to record the game. but funny enough i found a stupid way around this. going into the directory of the game folder Ksp2_x64_data and inside this folder is a Config file named Boot. within that files change. "wait-for-native-debugger=0" from a 0 to a 1 and save as is. strangely enough this allow the game to run fully into Fullscreen and treats it as a real game this time and not some borderless of windowed game. IDK why it does this but it is what it is. once i set this to a 1, it allows me to record the game and only the game. but SADLY i can't record my gameplay in 3840x1620 the game wont allow me to. the game must run in fullscreen to record just the game. i can not set a custom res and record the game in borderless or window mode it just wont allow me cuz it always wants to record desktop. and frankly stupid and makes me laugh.
  14. i was trying to Aero break. but the game didn't lower the AP down. in fact it raised the AP and kept going till i was out of the "sphere of influence" (this was recorded just after Patch one) also unlisted so im not after views only reports
  15. today is the DAY!!!!.... i'v been sitting here from 5am... twiddling my thumbs and its now 11:29am..... don't mind me i'm just holding my breath waiting before 5pm EST right hehe
  16. i'v look all up in that AppData and spent days looking in all the readable files to see about getting borderless to not be Fullscreen and nothing worked Edit: even some settings u change stops the game from even running
  17. but wait, haha isn't this a Comment....
  18. well i was building a rocket as one would and i notices that every time my game would save it started to lock up. well i let this pass for a while then.....................................................................................................................Loading...........................................3min..............................................oh, i'm sorry for the wait.. what had happened was.......................................................................................Loading..................................5min.......................................i'm sorry again these saves are killing me. Anyways haha i go looking into the saved file section as one would do but before i was even able to do this i got a window error popping up that i need to delete some things cuz my hard-drive is filling up. Well okay windows thanks for letting me know. So i go into the file and what do i find but a saved text doc JSON that is..................................................................................................Loading..............................................16min later......... that the file is 1.16gb.........soooo yeah because i have a good ish pc. this took about 5 to 10 min to go in and out of the VAB haha what would have only taken 0.0005secs of load time.. i think its safe to say. those 15 hours of building this rocket never making it to space................................................................................................HAHA
  19. is there anyone that know how to stop borderless from fitting to full screen? see im a streamer of sorts, as well as i like to keep things in frame and moved where i would like things to be but KSP2 just goes full screen while in borderless mode. my main screen is a TV, soo i put games into a borderless window so i can move the frame where i want it to be while also having up other apps running on my 55" 4k tv so i treat my ty as a multi monitors setup. is there anyway to stop this game from going fullscreen while in borderless mode from happening? or do i need to download or edit something?
  20. i know how game design works, lol if u already have something its easier to work off that. copy paste and change the values to work with other things. but yeah it can kinda be complicated at times. but this is why you make tool that do more then one job. as a 3d modeling artist/programmer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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