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  1. This is happening to me as well. Let's see if patch 1 addresses/solves this issue.
  2. Glad to see the team working so hard on the game. Keep the dev diaries rolling
  3. I like your perspective. In your opinion, was Unity a good choice for a game like KSP?
  4. This happens to me when you load a saved game. From what I have noticed so far, when you load a save, the game enters a somewhat buggy state and unexpected things can and will happen. The launch button not working being one of them. The current workaround I have found for this is to just start a new campaign if I ever leave the game, because loading is currently not worth it. And yes, this includes quicksave and quickload as well, which means all my missions are currently "one shot"
  5. Maybe it would be best to also write your specs alongside your post. With that being said, I have no idea what might be causing this Does something show up in the windows Event Viewer when KSP2 crashes? You might find some clues there.
  6. With saved games all bugged out, I don't want to create the same vessel each time I need to create a new campaign.
  7. The same is happening to me. I plugged a reaction wheel to my craft and it is not draining anything. But I know the reaction wheel is working because I disabled torque from the cockpit and the ship is rotating pretty fast for its size.
  8. Yeah this happens to me too. They just start wandering off the craft. The save/load system is really broken. What can also happen is if you save & exit and then load that save, you can no longer return to VAB or Launch and the game becomes super weird.
  9. I like to quicksave before making significant maneuvers. However, every time I quickload something bad happens to my spacecraft. Some parts just fly away even though the game still considers them to be attached; When I stage a decoupler, the camera won't focus on the cockpit anymore, which flies away from the camera and now I am stuck focusing on the void. Is this normal (as in, is this a known issue)?
  10. Thank you. I have marked your answer as the solution.
  11. What the title says. Am I doing something wrong? I activate the decoupling stage but both parts are still connected to each other even though the decoupler is gone. This never happened to me in KSP 1 so I don't think it is my problem. Is there any workaround? Has this happened to any of you?
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