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  1. it is not "broken" - it is being built ;-) I believe you should post your system specs for this issue - because as you can see from bug reports and youtube streams - both 0.1.0 and 0.1.1 run and rarely crash to desktop - the game has thousands of other bugs, but what you describe (like doing nothing? watching intro?) at least to me looks like hardware issue (for instance, you may have the game installed on failing HDD, so 0.1.0 was in good sectors of the disk and 0.1.1's file(s) may have gone on a bad sector - so any file read from that may cause CTD, actually it should cause an exception - which, I think the game should log upon crashing...
  2. Yes that is understandable in context where say two people communicate, but when several thousands communicate in one-side communication with one or two people, it is absolutely normal. You may get a feedback in form of a bug fixed in next patch, that you (also) reported and hone your ego that it was exactly yours bug report that made it possible - or you may not do so. I know the other side of this process, as we are a small dev team and our sound guy is also doing bug reports systematization (I should say we use specialized bug tracker software and require a simple registration in form of email\password) from anyone reporting bugs on our software (and that is the same as registering here on forum for KSP or having your SteamID in steam client) - so naturally for us, our bug tracking software does analytics on efficiency of all bug reporters, but our bugrep-slash-sound guy _tries_ to answer when he has time plus the bug reporting software clearly shows status of bug report (like: a copy of, confirmed, planned for fixing in ver. X.XX, duplicate, not a bug, requires clarification, cannot reproduce etc.) - but nonetheless, I'm positive some bug reporters may feel the way you describe, well what can you do - bug reporting is a voluntary process, if you do it - keep the faith that is for common good of all the product users past, current and future or don't do it - that's a personal choice. For myself, I luv KSP (and I hope to fall in love with KSP2 as well... at some point in future) and I agreed with my own "self" that we can spend 1-2 hours a day hunting bugs and reporting them here. Cheerz
  3. [snip] "desktop capture is required TO take screenshots of ENTIRE desktop" =) READ the phrase! You wrote that you want the opposite - to only record ksp2 _WINDOW_ - do you see the difference? [snip]
  4. Several bugs reported here by community had been fixed in v.0.1.1 - but I believe there is not much difference what method of bug reporting you use: there is one or several persons who are collecting and systhematizing bug reports, then they forward those in systematized view to head of dev team and he or she decides which to address first. Prioritizing bug fixes may be done by severity or by impact on positive players' impression of the product, or by ease of fixing and availability of human resources (say today both 3D-modellers are in office, but the guy who does physics is not) etc. So just keep reporting bugs using whatever means are comfortable to you, I suppose =)))) You're funny ))) A lot of time - is several years, less than a month - is miniscule time =)) Oh, cheer up )) That's probably cause your' russian ))) Just kidding ) No pun intended! See above + there are 50+ pages of bug reports only in this forum - ofc, none one specific bug report or one specific bug reporter is "important" - what is important is that collectively we help developers to fix those bugs and thus improve our favourite game.
  5. the entire UI concept is a misconcept - for such panels as "part manager" - it should work differently in a simulation like KSP2 - as a developer, you create your pane on canvas on loading lunchpad or flight from savegame, populate it with current data and keep it hidden until Player elects to show it - yes, updating data on each frame for variables of that UI elements - this overhead is smaller than trying to create and populate this UI element during several frames (as it does now) - imagine the Player needs to actualy use this UI element in limited time - is it useable now? no - hence, this needs major rewrite
  6. there should be a keystroke for Parking Break in KSP2, like [CTRL] + ... Really need this!
  7. I believe there is a sticky post in this sub-forum asking specifically to not create "compilations" of bugs - go work a little, create 7 different posts for 7 bugs... this bible you post here is gonna be lost as noone has time to read non-defined bug descriptions when there are so many well defined... just out of respect for your own job already done typing all this - go and split them into actual bug report topics
  8. Can confirm that with parachutes only stage (no save\load activities in between launch and staging bug) - launch and staging untill the last two stages (drogue chutes and main chute) worked fine but wasn't able to trigger these two stages with [SPACEBAR] only by selecting Activate on parts
  9. [snip] You can configure any of your capture software be it Nvidia (how they call shadowplay these days?) or OBS to target exactly the the Window (go learn what a window in Windows is! now! go!) one needs to "capture". For example, for OBS you can configure to capture required window like this: [snip]
  10. Yeah, you definitely took some time doing this ) I think, for experiment to be a success you'd need half of data points, say 8001, 4001, 1 - the graph would look the same... Your findings are very impressive and this topic\bugrep should be marked as VERY IMPORTANT - ofc, the KSP1 approach is correct - once you don't have the craft loaded in scene - do nothing for it (thou KSP1 actually goes one step further and does calculate collision of objects on sub-orbital trajectories). This _stupidity_ is, ofc, a runaway process - and processing individual parts of craft that are not in scene is ridiculous!
  11. No, that's not Runway - that is rover wheels... see here and many other bug reports:
  12. I have read the patchnote, yes... but that is a bug, nontheless
  13. really? I'll look into that next time I have time to test ksp2 - tomorrow evening maybe... As I recall, EC works - like when you have a separate battery and no solar panel and separate reaction wheels they do deplete the charge, for me it seemed today that the capsule just has the EC as resource depicted but it does not take part in resource recalc
  14. well... to start with - KSP1 had [R] and [T] - and for a reason... the new dev team keeps repeating the mistakes already done by Squad in KSP1 and solved... and as for picture #3, look at it carefully: what it does is it goes through symmetry creation loop several time: and each time going into duplication of previous loop, that's wrong behavior and poor programming and needs to be solved... we're not looking for "workarounds" - we are helping devs FIX obvious bugs (and those not that obvious as well)
  15. this bugrep is for [v0.] reaction wheels been working since decoupling from fuel tank for a full orbit and full re-entry - but electric charge is untouched, no solar panels no other source of EC
  16. this bugrep is for [v0.] parachutes do not have (or disregard) other parachutes colliders:
  17. this bugrep is for [v0.] On EVA, we can all see Valentina holding her jetpack (MMU? or rather KMU - Kerbaled Maneuvering Unit would be a better name in Kerbal traditions) controls but the status in UI clearly says "jetpack off", the status changes upon any directional control and then UI works as supposed to... Oh yeah, and one can "plant flag" on spaceship surface - the animation of sticking a flag plays but flag is not there. This requires a distinction of surfaces - so that flags are not planted on Eve and Kerbin's oceans, spacecraft etc.
  18. this bugrep is for [v0.] No plasma vfx at 52km: no plasma vfx at 42km: no plasma effects at all:
  19. this bugrep is for [v0.] I believe there should be a detection of "vehicle" as opposed to "kerbal"
  20. this bugrep is for [v0.] Hey there, The image is self-explanatory...
  21. yep, that bug is there from day 1 - it happens after you "revert to VAB" for the first time - not sure if they called it "fixed" in 0.1.1 patchnote - but obviously it is still there
  22. cool =) i wonder, how did they manage to do that? custom string class??
  23. I personally think that Squad's original XML-saves idea was good only for testing stage - both XML and JAML are awful for the cases where there is expanding data specifically because to keep them "human-readable" you need to do things like <QuantityOfFoodRationsOnboard>1</QuantityOfFoodRationsOnboard>, so out of 63 bytes - only 1 is data and 62 are human-readable nonsense. It seems much more logical to switch to efficient and fast binary data serialization (and have like 10kb - 50kb saves at most which would save and load lightning-fast) and if community of players would really really need savegame editing feature - to release a standalone tool which would allow for editing binary savegame data (or leave that to moders).
  24. What Unity error?? you have Xeon E3 1200 from 2011 and GTX 950 from 2015 - don't you think that's a bit overstretch into the past from the game's Minimum System Requirements?
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