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  1. did you ever make the Valley Forge for KSP??

  2. They made one some time ago, I made a couple of small parts for it, no idea what actually eventuated. It was a community project with Bobcat and a few others. try this thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/73884-release-bobcat-ind-spaceampplanet-products/#comment-1178263
  3. Way to suck the fun out of it!
  4. As a lover of Sci Fi, it's not possible for me to consider anything cheating. Endless fuel tanks, mechjeb.. you name it, i'll put it on my ship. We're flying little green men around, no need to take it too seriously
  5. As soon as I get my account back, Eagle update pack is being uploaded! My store account was hacked (ironically had the same password as the forum, but I guess they never tried that..) So right now I am only testing on KSP old version, working fine on that but as per usual need the latest version to test on, which I will do once they fix my account.
  6. They got back to me and I found out my store account was hacked. @padishar, pitchforks never come out here, for $10 I think I got my money's worth! It was more the sinking feeling someone had my personal Details. Luckily that credit card expired some time ago! everyone else, make sure you change your store password often. In 20 odd years I've never ever been hacked, had an account hacked or an account stolen until now.
  7. Thanks, I would have hoped actually emailing Support with a copy of my original invoice would help, but sadly not :/
  8. Hi Guys, For some reason after 4 years my email is no longer connected to the store account, won't let me login or download the game obviously. I have sent an email to support with my original Invoice ID etc, but still no reply, thought I'd try here. thanks for your time D.
  9. If the DYJ gattling mod still works its easy, that's if it still works pretty much make anything a gun with that! As for the ships.. ARGH! days of pulling hair out getting them to fly again properly and even then - they don't. I am going to have to totally re-do them from the ground up,so it will only be a few ships really. The Oblivion bubbleship does actually work - you can't build it but you can load the saved ship thats in the current package and it will fly, just need to use normal RCS and fiddle with the stabilizers on/off to get it steady but it does work. I think tho really, for the actual 'fit the game' type ship, I think I will do the Eagle again. I have a new PC so need to get unity installed again and a few other things but should be cool to go soon. I just hope I can find all my old blender files!
  10. Well, I think to cut my teeth again I will get the Oblivion Bubble ship working again and updated, that was really a bucket list item for me and I never really got the chance to pilot it for an extended period of time, it really is a smooth ship once it is set up well. The Eagle will be the next, then Pegasus and really, that will do me for updates for now, I would like to work on the Silent Running domes some more.
  11. ahha Voidryder, Odyessy, Ultravires.. good to see some familiar faces still around! @ Logan.. Ok now you have me interested again ... that is a damn near perfect IVA for the eagle. Well, I'm getting unity all back up and running for KSP (I think I was a few versions ahead when I eventually got into making my own games in it) The Eagle is probably the best one to get back into, I know the balance pretty well now and considering I re-worked it over so many versions of KSP I am hoping it will be an easy upgrade to the new version. Did they tone down the Aero a little? I remember last time I played they stuffed around with the physics quite substantially. Wow that TB2 is nice! I sort of gave up because I was trying to do it like the show, having it raise and lower on top of the cargo bay - it just was so hard to make that happen (the pod would always detatch and be left behind, too big and heavy for couplers) Do you remember the TB launchpad I made? I wonder if we could mix the two together... hmm brain ticking now...
  12. Thanks guys, I will take your advice. ...wow.. Logie! Holy crap that Mad Max video is just the most insane thing I have ever seen done.. but I am struggling to figure out how he made that in KSP? that looks like a serious amount of mods... and to have all those cars driving... wow.. I either missed a hell of alot during my break or that guy is more talented than I thought! Are the dust trails and things standard now? I need to download the latest version.. man ive missed so much.
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