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  1. I planned on sending jebidiah kerman to eeloo but didnt have enough fuel so eeloo gravity flung me straight into jool, just missing tylo's sphere of influence.
  2. Will breaking ground parts ever be added to ksp2 in the near future because not having breaking ground parts is kind of throwing me off. there isnt any rotary parts or pistons.
  3. do you have any solutions. i was effectively locked out of ksp2.
  4. will there ever be breaking ground parts in ksp2? if there is, make the rotary part thing slower because in ksp1 my rings were very fast.
  5. yes. i have done everything. given it a name, selected the flag, ect.
  6. It wont let me start a campaign in the start menu. i verified files and restarted and updates yadda yadda but it still wont let me. if anyone finds a solution email me at [email protected] or text me at 331-278-0441.
  7. Ksp2 will not let me start a campaign. its just the dull clicking sound and nothing else. i have tried verifying the files on steam and updating everything and still nothing. if anyone has a solution please contact me. thank you.
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