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  1. Launching from the SPH/VAB will not activate the bug. Only launching from the runway or launchpad, or taking control of a craft from the tracking centre. If you hit 60 fps, I'm betting your fps is capped at 60 either by v-sync or the fps limit in the gfx settings. You may very well be incurring an fps drop for each consecutive launch, but still getting more than the cap at 60.
  2. The same bug, or a bug with the same effect, also affects reverting flight to launch. If you need to revert flight you also need to go back to the space center and launch a new probe (which you can recover later) and use the map to switch to the craft you reverted to. Or revert to hangar/VAB and re-launch.
  3. Nah, it's not a mem leak, but a bug in the KSP scene. Thanks, I'm very happy with my rig. Use it for all kinds of gfx related work in addition to gaming.
  4. This bug is ancient... 1.0.5 is the oldest version I have laying about and the bug is there... Amazing that no one noticed it before.
  5. However you will suffer from this bug whenever you need to use the tracking station to fly a vessel already in orbit. The only way to circumvent it is to launch something (a probe or something) from the VAB/SPH and then switch to the other vessel via the map view.
  6. Yes, I've updated the bug report continually with this thread.
  7. Yup... The problem is definitely in the Space Center scene. Simply launching via the VAB mitigates the problem.
  8. After doing some more testing I can confirm that simply moving back and forth from a vessel and KSP Space Center or the Tracking Station will trigger the same bug and tie up some CPU resources. Simply switching between vessels in the map view will not trigger the bug. Exiting to the main menu will release the CPU load. So basically I'll have to exit to the main menu and reload the saved game every time I visit the Space Center. I also get 25-30% more FPS (100+) if I launch from inside the VAB rather than from the launch pad menu. The bug is likely somewhere in the KSP Space Center scene-change
  9. Why don't you just repeat my very simple test and see if you get the same results? I assume you're not on a Ryzen system.
  10. The i5-3570k does not outperform a Ryzen 7 1800X, even on a single core. Stop trying to make this about the CPU. It's irrelevant. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-3570K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-1800X/1316vs3916
  11. I'm not going to debate the pros and cons of parallelization of physics calculations. The fact is that my CPU has no problem running KSP at 80+ FPS on the first launch of a new game, and the first launch of loading a saved game. This has nothing to do with physics calculations. After running it down to less than 20 FPS in the last video I simply restarted KSP, loaded the saved game, and launched again with 80+ FPS.
  12. Not like every video game really, but that's a different discussion. The Ryzen easily runs KSP at 80+ fps on my rig, on the first launch after reloading the game again. And this has nothing to do with garbage collection or memory leaks. The FPS reduction is constant, not stuttering, and mem usage does not change noticeably. Ran MemGraph on my install and had no garbage collection issues.
  13. Hi all! Completely stock install (1.3.1). GFX-options to full screen, full res textures, very low aero-fx, no fps limit and 2x AA. For each consecutive launch of a craft the FPS drops; from 80+ during the first launch down to less than 20 after a few launches. See video. Win10 X64, Ryzen 7 1800X, GTX 1080Ti, 64 gigs of RAM.
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