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  1. I decided to show off ksp2 to a friend of mine and he asked me to try flying into Jool. I was curious as well, so I built my ship and went on my way. Well, as I flew deep into the atmosphere, I randomly decided to try EVA. You know, for science. Umm, Bill's shuttle literally just... vanished, and he was left simply flying deeper and deeper into the atmosphere, as the sun fell behind the horizon and everything became entirely black. He flew for several minutes until... he simply LANDED??? I even placed a flag Something tells me this wasn't an intended feature...
  2. Hi Nate, I'm curious as to how you guys are dividing the work internally now that the first patch is out. For example, do you have one team working on bugfixing/testing, one on optimizations, another on adding in missing features like re-entry heating, and another on big new features like science or colonies? If you do have something like that, what is the main focus now? 30% on bugfixing, 20% on optimizations, etc? P.S, most of us are very happy with the first patch. Thanks for all the hard work!
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