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    Since ksp can be ran on a mac is it or will it be possible to run on a ipad?
  2. cold someone send me a craft file to launch this sucker to the mun!
  3. i live in scotland, and we bet on all sorts of things, is it wrong to place bets on fail/non fail of the Curiosity Rover\'s landing? :-*
  4. For those interested in the .craft Grab it here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35616235/KSP%20Craft%20Files/KOCMOC%20MIR.craft mother of fucking godness!
  5. So is there any reason after downloading the 4.1 file and doing a fresh install of ksp .16 when i hover the mouse over the solar array it says in the txt box that this is not valid for this version of KSP any ideas would be great?
  6. do you mean as in you can select everything else but the solar arrays? same with mine since i updated to .16... let me know if you find a fix
  7. does anyone else have problems trying to atttach solar panels and radiators to the outside of the spacecraft? as when i try to select one or the other, im not able to select it AND I WANNA MY SPACESTATION >
  8. does the current version 1.4.2 work on ksp .16? as when i load a ship it says something not with current version?
  9. i got the chills when i seen the solar arrays deploy it was just so awsome, almost started to cry, but was at work so that didnt happen hahahaa
  10. I just wanted to say thanks! what for you might ask? well they say that games dont teach us anything but i have to differ, and since i first played ksp and then bought it, i have learned a lot of termanology from here, and yesturday while i was watching the webcast of the falcon 9 launch and work and had people asking what so and so means, i was able to be actually helpful in a techy way to someone other then my parents.... haha, anyways so thanks again! Oliver
  11. should rename it to the porcupine!
  12. is there a mod or a way to keep the craft point at the horizon at all times as it travels around the planet?
  13. two things really quick, one.... i made it to the mun and i fly through it... maybe a bug? and second how do you lower the landing legs?
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