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  1. is this Pluto like planet going to have a moon like charon? or is it going to be moonless? just asking
  2. yay i had a successful landing on duna! on 22nd of September yay my next target is moho!
  3. woohoo i cant wait until .17 but some people have to spoil it and ask when the .17 update's release date then we have to wait longer now this just gets sooo annoying to me and others in the community ):
  4. R.I.P Neil you were the best hero in all of our time R.I.P Neil Armstrong ):
  5. so what planet/moon are you going to land on first? my first target would probably be the red planet because of the thinner atmosphere so it would be easier for a lander to get into space and it may have lower gravity than kerbin who knows link with some pics of planets/moons -----> http://imgur.com/a/clX81#eyLnn
  6. dam i cant wait either im so excited about this! update for tf2
  7. i love the rover mod its really cool i love roving around on the mun well
  8. *checks transformer* well im afraid he is made out of crappy plastic from china ;P
  9. i think it would be cool to have a geostationary moon with a incline in its orbit that would be cool for another planet
  10. well i found ksp on youtube when i was searching up team fortress 2 videos lol and since i was into space stuff i looked at a little title saying ksp on a video clicked on then i went to the website of ksp and got the demo version of it and then i eventually buyed it
  11. WOW within a couple of days nova made the first planet/moon for the .17 update wooow that was quiet quick :D :D im loving it i wonder if this planet has more gravity than kerbin or less hmmmm ill think we\'ll find out when this update comes out some day hmm i wonder if nova made his second planet/moon yet (my face when i seen the .17 update in ksp development )
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