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  1. I have tested everything again, my rocket that flies around the mun consists of the following parts: MK1 Comand Pod with MK16 parachute, FL-T400 tank with LV-909 Terrier engine. My orbit remains stable until I get below the limit of 15 km, after that I don't get a stable orbit even at an altitude of 60 km. Once the orbit is no longer stable, my AP increases and my PE decreases permanently. But if I accelerate so far that I would leave the sphere of influence of the Mun and then brake again to keep the stable orbit, it works only up to an altitude of 16 km. If I fall below the 16 km the orbit is no longer stable. Edit: if i accelerate the time to x3 then the bug does not occur anymore, my orbit stays stable (AP: 22 087 m and PE: 9 208 m) until i set the time to x1 can someone tell me how to add Screenshots ?
  2. Sure, I will not be home until tomorrow evening. Then I will share my Probe. I'm sure the orbit was at 15 KM (AP and PE). But I can share the exact Details tomorrow. Also the setup of the probe was very simple.
  3. I started a new game and left my probe around Kerbin and around Mun. In the High and Low Orbit I had no Orbital Decay. I ran the game at different speeds and for a longer period of time and could not see any change in the orbit.
  4. Reported Version: v0.1.3 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: AMD Lyzeen 7 5800X | GPU: RTX 3070ti | RAM: 32 GB Hello, I do not know if the bug is already known. While flying with a rocket, no matter what parts or size, I can set it to prograde normally. So that my rocket automatically holds direction prograde. But if I want to press another setting (Retrograde, Normal, Anti-Normal, Radial in, Radial out) it does not work. I mean that another setting can no longer be clicked. As if they were locked. If I go with the mouse again from the "button down" and then again on it, then the button is highlighted and can be pressed. I hope my English was good enough to explain the problem. I don't know what other information is important, so here is some general info I have the version v0.1.3.0, resolution 1920x1080, fullscreen Included Attachments:
  5. after a week is that all you can say? don't get me wrong, the game is complicated but why is it all taking so long? we are waiting a week for this announcement and the only thing that is said is that the update will come in june. I would have expected more information.
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