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  1. 0.18. Since then, I've had no audio in the map view.
  2. Or, to quote Douglas Adams, the secret to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
  3. Coupla links to photos, which I posted in the Science forum: http://itar-tass.com/kultura/1029229 http://glavcom.ua/photo/2142-1.html
  4. And a bunch more: http://glavcom.ua/photo/2142-1.html
  5. http://itar-tass.com/kultura/1029229 Some of the captions (my Russian's not the best): 1: Smolensk Oblast. The house in which Yuri Gagarin was born. 2: Smolensk Oblast. Yuri Gagrin (1st left) among the members of a volleyball team in 1950. 3: (kinda fuzzy on this one) Yuri Gagarin at some sort of casting machine in a factory named Utomski operated by the Lyuberetski forging guild. 4: Yuri Gagarin by his first airplane, a Yak-18 in 1955. 5: Yuri Gagarin swimming in the Volga in 1955. 6: Yuri Gagarin and his wife Valentina in 1957. 7: Yuri Gagarin, his wife Valentina, and daughter Lena in 1959.
  6. IME, it's caused by two things ganging up A) a very circular orbit; the closer you are to circular, the more they bounce around and 2) ASAS, which is constantly applying small accelerations to the ship; the closer the orbit is to circular, the more these small accelerations matter to AP and PE positions. TL;DR edition: turn ASAS off.
  7. Assembling my latest fuel truck in orbit. I didn't take a shot of the starting configuration, because it wasn't until I almost clipped off one of my lights that I realized there might be some hijinks worth saving. But you can see the basic idea. The top stage of the fuel truck, as launched, consisted of a lander pod crewed by the intrepid Gilmund Kerman, attached to a nuke by a pair of Clamp-o-Tron Seniors. Then I sent up a probe with a top stage consisting of a probe core and a thrust package bracketing an orange tank with the Seniors. Having discarded the probe's thrust package, I'm now rec
  8. I have run it on my trusty HP Mini 210, but gave it up as unplayable. The machine is so weak that I couldn't even get stable altitude readings while sitting on the pad. On a 1024x600 screen, you won't be able to change most settings. The settings screens have grown quite large in recent versions, pushing the Accept, Apply, etc. buttons (as well as many settings) off the bottom of a screen that small.
  9. I use both hands so I can use the WASDQE,SHIFT,CTRL *and* the IJKL keys.
  10. The Curiosity rover has taken pictures of Phobos transiting the Sun. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/details.php?id=PIA17356
  11. This is the sort of situation "set as target" is intended to handle. Bring up the menu of the docking port on the station with which you want to dock. Click "set as target". The target indicator on your navball will now refer to that docking port instead of the command pod.
  12. I like it. Of course, if I find an alien on the Mun, I'll be calling him Üуýтøú. https://www.youtube.com/user/luntik
  13. If it's not stationary, it's not exactly a space station, is it. More of a space station wagon...
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