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  1. Sure, I'll have a quick go in a bit with FAR.
  2. Hey I'm here, I made a jet-pack a few fortnights or so ago and I decided it'd be a great idea to slap some wings on the thing! Welcome the Wing-pack Mk I (Click for full size) And I'm honestly not really sure if this should be considered cheating, but this is just a jet-pack with wings slapped on so its got a bit of infiniglide. Video should show what I mean. Re-watching the video makes me think it's too wobbly to not cheat. Estimated score: 49 points. 100 + 10 + 1 = 111 -9- -9 - -17 - -18 - -9 = -62
  3. Ah you have it now, I had this in .17 and only played very little until .90, in which I actually started back up on DMP servers and ever since I came back man do I love to play this game now. Now I don't know how to really say this, but when I lost interest I sort of really wanted to play it but I just... didn't want to, I'm unsure as to how I could describe it but eventually I came back to KSP and it's forums although I'm not exactly hunting down threads to comment on everything I possibly can unlike I used to before this. Of course, I went on KSP every now and again, usually I'd get a heavily modded install and mess around with odd things like bearings, rovers, walking machines and a bit of weaponry mixed with monorails and trains and have a a bit of experimentation, however I never got drawn back into the game much. But one day, whilst playing with .25 in December (although I had a post in summer about how I was back, I lost interest again) I realised that with the DMP mod KSP was actually quite fun and I starting doing things like buildings stations, interplanetary tugs, jet packs able to takeoff on the Mun and land on Minmus with not a single drop of fuel left and a whole host of other crafts, and I definitely enjoyed it. So anyway, not sure what you'll think of what I've said but basically, just go with it and come back whenever you feel like it. You can still stick around on the forums and maybe make an interesting invention or something, I sort of stuck around, downloaded every KSP version that came out and just had a bit of a look around at new features to keep myself updated. Also, when it came to crafts for some reason I sort of turned to making militarized crafts and ships, it was quite interesting thinking about it now. I think at one point I tried to make a walking tank, needless to say a lot of explosions ensued, never did finish that.
  4. Well Rune I've tried but it seems not, I think the claw can only yaw and pitch and it also seems very weak as it will break on every attempt to use it as just a connection point between the body and the main rotor assembly. Or maybe the weakness was just due to the method I used to decouple it to get put on the claw, not sure.
  5. My first post seems to have been about, uh, embarrassing image skills on when we were faffing about with .16 and soon after .17 about planets. It's a good thing I'm better at images now. The terrible image. And of course the thread.
  6. Okay, so I'll be honest, I'm not exactly a new player but I've been away for a (rather) long time. I suppose I may as well tell you about the reason I was absent, it isn't anything too interesting but here, so I joined back in .12(.11?) when the mun was there, I played through a lot of mods since that time however, about the time I got to .17 I sort of slowly played less and less until .18 came out and I basically fully stopped except for occasional goes. However, I am glad to say I think I am beginning to return to KSP and it'd be nice if someone could tell me what's going on since about the summer 2013 (I didn't completely leave the forums). So, I am returning back to KSP for a hopefully joyful go at it again. Well, I suppose due to the break allowing me to start learning (rather high-level) programming languages (Might try C# soon got a book on it and an IDE so far, I only know Lua* currently.) *I did Computercraft up to autumn, I think I might be doing that a little soon too. I have a sudden urge to do experimental stuff. I used to fly Mitch's stock copter easily, hey, has anyone got that somewhere? I also tried stock propellors, failed. And so, I say hello again to all you people!
  7. The fact the tanks are being created already is exciting, It'll be amazing when it first launches.
  8. I've managed to get lots of them spinning somewhat stable, but I have problems with speed, I'll experiment some more.
  9. Would someone mind doing a shaded out Aeris 3A infront of a sunset, you can decide what else to do. - Munstation
  10. What I'm looking for is either NASA mmassivelyng to come back, SpaceX to manage to get a massive achievement done or, if all else fails, Copenhagen, you need to start making large rockets. And, well, I'm 12, so I missed that massively.
  11. Happy Birthday Nova. Wait, wait. Kappy Kirthday Kova.
  12. I deleted this because it was (kinda) stupid.
  13. Great video, but, how is this ment to be an Animation?