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  1. fcbayerndm

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Hmm, how about @DuoDex?
  2. Folks, please try to remain respectful and on topic.
  3. fcbayerndm

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

  4. Where is your center of lift located in relationship to your center of mass? If all of your lift is in the front and your mass in the rear of the plane (or vice versa) you could have severe stability issues.
  5. fcbayerndm

    Missing addon threads.

  6. fcbayerndm

    Pioneer Mün Base

    Wow, beautiful screenshots and a wonderful story to go with it! Great stuff Cydonian Monk!
  7. Hi everyone, this is just a quick reminder that the KSP Forums are a-political and that any thread that becomes derailed by political banter will be closed, don’t let your temper override your good sense.
  8. Unfortunately this thread is going to have to be locked because what you've suggested is on the What not to suggest list, please refer to that list before making any further suggestion.
  9. Before you suggest any improvements for KSP, please refer to the What not to suggest list. That way you don't suggest something that the devs have already said won't be in KSP or is a planned feature for the future.
  10. Hi there folks, couldn't help but notice the massive necro post. Please refer to the Good Conduct Guide about bumping threads and remember that both necro posting and bumping threads are against the Community Rules. A better way to get the OP's attention is to send them a PM.
  11. fcbayerndm

    Who here also plays Orbiter

    Locking this thread up due to necro posting.
  12. Any version after 0.13.3 is a paid version and therefore cannot be shared.
  13. fcbayerndm

    Kerbin Mini Shuttle

    Thread closed as requested by Helldiver. Please continue the discussion here.
  14. I think the thermal blankets on the descent capsule are "removed" by reentry rather than by separation from the Service and Orbital Modules.
  15. fcbayerndm

    German Aeronautic and Spaceflight Engineers Kerbin

    Dann ist es wohl "Minecraft Space Program"