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  1. Led two Kerbals to their doom; they crash-landed on Duna and now are stuck on the surface. They've got life support for 3 days onboard and then they're done for. [IMG]http://i63.tinypic.com/2njlpc7.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i63.tinypic.com/2aj9a1g.png[/IMG]
  2. I would focus largely on celestial bodies. Implementation of clouds on atmospheric bodies, EVE + Astronomer's Edge of Oblivion would be a nice example. A tedious atmosphere too Eeloo with grey/white glow on the horizon to give the planet a more distinct look. Changing the appearance of Eve to a more Venus-esque look. Implementation of more planetary systems if technically possible (there are already some mods that do this). Implement a form of Orion Propulsion to adress the vast distances between the various solar systems.
  3. Wait a minute ... we now have actually underwater environments ?? Call me nuts, but things like this really add to the game for me ... !
  4. Looks like a significant update. For me, relative small changes like changed bouyancy (hope I didn't spelled this wrong) and small jet engines have a rather large positive impact on the game.
  5. Simply impressive. By that I mean your OP, the way you're dealing with your situation, and your willpower ... !
  6. Small interplanetary ship Sombor in LKO. Should be able to reach Duna and Eve including (some) payload.
  7. Nothing. My desk literally collapsed yesterday and playing KSP with keyboard on my lap and monitor on the floor is a no-go.
  8. Had that problem also (vapor in feedlines). Looks like RCS is too weak to circumnavigate this issue, but a pair of sepatrons will do the trick. Gotta say I'm surprised how radically Realism Overhaul alters KSP. In stock KSP, it doesn't take much effort for me to send well equipped vessels to other planets. But in Realism Overhaul, I barely manage to reach the edge of space with an unmanned rocket, and that rocket is usually already in pieces when reaching space ... ! The scale of Earth and the rather agressive sounds of the various rockets makes this an impressive mod/overhaul, but it'll take some time for me to have enough confidence in my flying skills to actually send a live Kerbal to space ... !
  9. Moho: good in current state Eve: light brown color, thick cloud cover around 8-10 km height, dense haze below the clouds and due to the heat engines should overheat more quickly Gilly: good in current state Kerbin: good in current state Mun: good in current state Minmus: good in current state Duna: butterscotch color, icecaps at the poles a little smaller and more dependant of height. Light cloud cover at 3-4 km height Ike: good in current state Dres: good in current state Jool: very dense clouds at around 80-100 km height. Appearance of Jool like in EVE (Environmental Visual Enhencemants + Astronomer's pack) Laythe: could use overhaul of landscape but oceans should still dominate. Sky would be somewhere between grey and blue, light to medium cloud cover. Vall: color somewhere between grey, white and blue. Tylo: a thin atmosphere with white/grey haze at the horizon Bop:good in current state Pol: good in current state Eeloo: a thin atmosphere with white/grey haze at the horizon
  10. Well, it depends on HOW I travel. Most of my trips take place in continental Europe and with my own car as transportation. It doesn't cost me much to reach cities like Prague in Czech Republic and Berlin in Germany. With my own car, I can travel at the pace I want and don't have to adhere to a set program; therefore I can easily return to work the day after I've returned from such a trip throughout Europe. However, once every two or three years there's an intercontinental trip by plane, the last one being a trip to New York City in april 2014. Gotta say the jetlag does have a noticeable effect on me and then it takes two or three days for it to wear off, so when planning a trip by plane I make sure there's at least several days between the end of the trip and start of a new period of work.
  11. Tried RSS and it's like I'm playing a totally different game compared to stock KSP. Its like ... rocket science ... ! Had some memory crashes, but I gotta admit I downloaded a large number of parts (FASA, KW Rocketry and such). Gonna install RSS again with a rather low amount of parts and see if I can master hardcore realism ... !
  12. Saw it last evening; good story with some very nice scenery and a bit of humor. Gotta say I've never read the book. Seems like some scientific errors (too severe dust storm, Martian gravity mostly not simulated) were on purpose to serve the movie. Sounds reasonable to me ... !
  13. Completed a rather uneventfull return mission to Dres. Though life support (TAC Life Support) ran rather low; the mission began with around 1350 days of oxygen, water and food available to two Kerbals, but only 5 days was left when entering the SOI of Kerbin again. Gotta say I had to 'force' my return trajectory a lot to get back in time. Otherwise, the Kerbals would suffocate, die due to dehydration and starve to death. That means three deaths per Kerbal, so with two Kerbals onboard I avoided 6 deaths ... !
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