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  1. Hello everybody! PakledHostage has asked me to make an antenna for Figaro. I'm still quite noob at modelling (and texturing), but so far I've made the model, added some materials and UV-mapped the thing. The model in it's current state looks like this, hope you like it: It's based on the antenna on the Block IIR GPS Satellites:
  2. MrPwner

    How Old is KSP's Userbase?

    Halfway around the sun for the 22nd time.
  3. MrPwner

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I have the same problem with this picture. But that's because the Kerbal is really close to the camera. Also, some people can do it better than others for some reason. Normally it works incredible. Roving around, seeing everything in 3D is pretty cool. This one is better:
  4. MrPwner

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Found this pic in my imgur album. It was a rover with two lazorcams side by side so you could see in 3D in realtime.You can see it in 3D by looking at the image crosseyed, until the two images form a new image in the middle, focus on that and voila, 3D!
  5. MrPwner

    What is your favourite moon and why?

    Indeed I do. Thanks.
  6. MrPwner

    What is your favourite moon and why?

    ^That Mimas first, Iapetus (the walnut moon) second, and Nix as third, because of the mutual tidal lock.
  7. MrPwner

    Rareden's Projects

    Magic Boulder? Really love your work btw,incredibly awesome.
  8. No trouble at all here, good sir. No wait, I did have trouble.. thanks to my derpy self. I didn't rotate the new wheels correctly when adding them in the SPH.. so when I tested the rover it would'nt drive.. I also thought they steered rather strangely.. then it dawned on me.. I also always start with a fresh install/map, too. Adding mods when they're ready. That new cupola internal is great for Kerbin gazing on a station. Also, definitely faster, something my pc (and myself) are very happy with. It loads very fast, so I don't know, but has the old loading screen been totally removed? I really liked that one. Thanks, squad, for all the work you put into it. Very (very) much appreciated.
  9. The buttons on top of the forum seem kinda useful to do it.. Why isn't that an option? EDIT: Since when is spaceport removed from there?
  10. MrPwner

    All the style and grace of a drugged elephant.

    Jesus, Chobit, keep your panties on. He just said it LOOKS like it's not guided. "I don't think as a species we are ready to be an interstellar race for a long while" is certainly debatable. But that was a massive overreaction either way, seriously..
  11. Granted. He was poisoned. I wish for a better computer.
  12. MrPwner

    Planet Explorers

    I don't, Chobit, but maybe the PE forum can help you out.
  13. MrPwner

    Planet Explorers

    Hey guys, I just wanted to bring this game to your attention. Planet Explorers is a game where you're a stranded survivor of a human colonization effort on the planet Maria. To survive the many hostile and very deadly animals on the planet you have to mine, create and build, not unlike you would in Minecraft. Except the world doesn't consist of blocks, but is a regular 3D terrain. The Storymode is the 'campaign' of the game and follows the stranded survivor storyline on a pretty big gameworld with different biomes. Through the storyline you're eased into the game, learing it's aspects as you go along. It features NPC's that give you quests and from whom you can buy/receive the scripts to replicate items like food, medical items, tools, weapons (swords, bows and guns) and even automated turrets to defend from the animals. You can even freely design your own swords, guns and even vehicles with the editor. Those designs can then be crafted in the game. Many awesome designs have been created by the community (Like Zelda swords, real world weapons and cars etc). And the latest version is completely free! Closed alpha testing will start soon, though, and you'll have to pay to gain access to it ($10 minimum, $20 minimum for multiplayer alpha too). That will also be the first version with Multiplayer if I understand correctly. So if you liked minecraft, are into space exploration (if you're not, what are you doing here?!) and open sandbox games, I'd definitely recommend you try this game. The animals can be very tough, though. The only way to deal with those is to use technology to your advantage. Expect a fairly hard time fighting the larger animals (large can mean up to 30 meters high)
  14. MrPwner

    The user below me...

    He does not. The user below me will say false.