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  1. Do guns that happen to be behind Breaking Ground propellers cause problems when firing through them?
  2. Fair enough. I'll be very interested to see what happens then.
  3. Only request is that if you decide to post more videos, could you make them 720p? 480p is so low res that it's rather unpleasant to look at, and makes your station look worse than it actually is.
  4. Folder can't be accessed without permission. This is less than ideal.
  5. So, I want to add a new type of oxidizer to allow me to make an accurate patch to recreate the North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module proposal, which would have used an oxidizer called FLOX, which is a mix of 82.5% fluorine and 17.5% liquid oxygen. Theoretically, I could just model it as some sort of tripropellant engine, but that feels very unrealistic and wrong, so I don't want to. So, how do I make a new oxidizer that would be recognized as a valid fuel type for the tanks edited by this mod and Realism Overhaul?
  6. So, I've developed what should be RO configurations that allow you to use the HG-3 and HG-3-SL engines in your game. However, as my computer is an over-glorified potato crate, I cannot test these configurations. As such, I am sharing a link here to download the configurations. Installation is simple, just overwrite the RO_SXT_Engines.cfg file with the file included in the download, and add the HG-3_Config.cfg file to the Engine_Configs folder. The whole download is structured so that you can alternatively just drop the first folder you see into the GameData folder of your install and just tell it to overwrite everything, and it should work just fine.
  7. As far as I can tell, the small bay seems to be able to hold 4 of the AIM-9ski type missiles.
  8. Many thanks, that seems to have fixed it, although I am unable to test the functionality in the game to make sure due to having a glorified brick of a computer. Is there anyone I could send this to for testing?
  9. So, I'm working on a MM patch that would make the SXT engine that RO uses to model the J-2 also serve as a model for the HG-3 and HG-3-SL, but I'm getting some errors in the patch. Specifically, the output log is saying that you can't use the % symbol in the atmospheric curve section, which I find confusing. How do you add new configurations to a part?
  10. I'm actually having a similar problem. Included are both a screenshot of my GameData folder and my error and output_log files. GameData Crash Report logs I would really like some help figuring this out, because I basically just let my computer sit at the "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" screen until it wound up using enough memory to crash on its own. Also, I am running it from an external hard drive to save space on my computer hard drive and to avoid any problems by trying to run it from Program Files.
  11. One thing I would absolutely love to see is some sort of patch/config for RSS and Realism Overhaul, or at least Real Fuels. That way those of us who like the RSS mod can do more nomadic style ISRU for Grand Tours.
  12. This utility isn't working, for some reason it doesn't want to play nice with a 32 bit version of Windows 7.
  13. Is there any precedent for the game to yell at you for "Too many heap sections" while it's loading while using this mod? *EDIT* Yeah, I'm getting an error that says "Fatal error in gc: Too many heap sections." Here's the error files: Can anyone make heads or tails of this?
  14. Out of curiosity, where does the image of the Sovereign class in your signature come from?