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  1. Any one got this working with 1.3?? Or is it being updated currently?? I really prefer the MFD layout to RPMs any day and would love to use this.
  2. Here you go, Hope I did this right. https://imgur.com/a/C4k7x If you can't see the outline, you'll have to 'inspect image' so you can see it larger, it really shows then.
  3. Question, I am installing via manual means, and it says in the install instructions "Download AVP" "Download a texture".. Looking in the github I don't see a link to download the textures of my chosen resolution, and I am not seeing one on this main post.... am I glossing over it somewhere??
  4. Will work on getting one, what is the best/preferred way to show screenshots in this forum?? IMGUR?
  5. Okay, to be clear we are talking about the REFRACTION not the REFLECTIONS? So I should be able to leave that on and be fine?? I also seem to have a very odd bug where whenever I am flying over water (close enough) my entire ship ends up outlined in a thin band of white. Its very weird.
  6. Hi all, Just curious, what is the typical frame dip using scatterer for some of you?? I am noticing while sitting at the runway, without scatterer I am averaging 75 fps/ and hitting highs of 125 and lows of like 40 and with it on I am averaging about 30-40. This is with: i7-7700k + RX 480 8GB OC version + Windows 10 + 16 GB RAM + KSP_x64.exe Curious if this is the typical for KSP + scatterer or if I am running into an anomaly for what my system can handle. Thanks. Casey
  7. Hmm...I think both ideas work perfectly. For addressing the barrier of entry to modders, what about if Squad were to add a framework that detected top level folder name and auto created a tab putting all of those parts into their? Or, on top of all of the filter tabs, add one called "mods" which breaks them down into sub tabs by top level folder name. But I agree, the keyword search would be the simplest.
  8. So I have been thinking about this for a while.. First I would like to state that the parts menu has come a LONG way since the beginning of the game. Subassemblies, sorting by function, name, use, and even an actual search function makes it a million times easier. But sometimes, mod creators tend to do weird things with their naming conventions. They will make them from a million separate manufacturers, or not tag them right, or so on and so forth. I wonder if it is possible to get a 'group' option (like manufacturer, function, etc) that sorts mods by their hierarchical name in the
  9. Has there been any update on this mod at all?? Anyone able to get it to work with 1.5?
  10. So first off I had them both together working fine, and I am positive I didn't change the file structure at all of them.. as far as 'Disabling' mods, yes I use a manager, JGSME but it has never once caused me this problem. I have actually never had a problem with tweakscale and tweakable everything working until now... I am going to try just tweakscale. So just tried just tweaskscale and nothing, no chance to change the scale at all.. let me redownload and try. EDIT: So I just tested Tweakscale. At first by itself, nothing could be scaled.... then I installed Internal Robotics again, and I was
  11. Hi there, so I have an issue with Tweakscale and tweakable everythings together.. so I had them both running just fine with a bunch of mods and I decided I wanted to start a new career with different mods installed, so I uninstalled them all and put the ones I want back in, including tweakscale and tweakable everything.. and now those two wont work at all.. I am coming here soley for the help with tweakscale but I have tried everything, from disabling all of the mods so its just that one, to even reinstalling KSP and even tweakscale and no dice.. I noticed I was able to scale the IR parts but
  12. I did actually, tried it with just those two and nothing... Neither one works anymore?? I have no clue because they worked just fine, I even redownloaded and installed everything but nothing.
  13. So I had a ton of mods installed and had TweakScale and TweakableEverything installed as well, and everyhting worked. Then I had to re install KSP so I took all of my mods out, and installed them back again in the same order and now I can't get either one to work... anyone have any ideas on how to help me get it to work correctly??
  14. Okay, I will try it with your suggestions and see how well it works. Thanks!
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