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  1. Boarding right now. 2020 can't come soon enough. I hope they keep SANDBOX and use this opportunity to improve the performance so we can build bigger. All aboard the Hype Train.
  2. I saw the announcement last night as I was going to bed. Let's just say it took me a while to fall asleep, but I don't mind. 2020 can't come soon enough. Please, keep the SANDBOX mode. And I really hope we get some performance improvement, like multithreading for example. Thank you for this excellent news.
  3. I finally updated to 1.6 and decided to start fresh. So after the customary hunt for mods, I fired the game and begun by putting in place the infrastructure for future missions. So far, it means relays around Kerbin, Mun and Minmus (more out of fun than necessity), mapping probes around Mun and Minmus as well as probes to scan for ore. All in preparation for future manned missions and, hopefully, ground stations. Next step will be designing a new lander for Mun and sending a crew, preferably close to an anomaly.
  4. I could have tried that, it's true. But by the time I had crashed, it was too late to try again. No quicksave, like at all, for the while flight. I would have had to revert to the launch.
  5. I just updated the game to 1.6 and decided to start over, with a new save. I launch a few satellites, relays, mapping probes. Then comes the time for my first crewed mission. Nothing ambitious, a mk1 command pod with Jeb as the pilot. The launch goes well, I make orbit, a bit of EVA fun. No Problem. Comes the time to go home... I burn retrograde, aiming for KSC. But just before the atmosphere, I realize I don't have a decoupler between the heatshield and the tank below it. I think I might still be ok and enter tank first. And then, the whole thing tumbles and ends up head first, going through the air like an arrow, barely slowing down until it crashes in the ocean in view of the KSC. Yep, killed Jeb on my first try.
  6. I finally got my guys back from Eeloo. That mission dates back from before 0.90 (0.25 I think). Nothing fancy or overly complex but I play with KAC and always start new missions and get sidetracked. Anyway, Rodfen, Adbles and Machat Kerman came back home from an 8 years and 240 days mission, in a ship that was designed before reentry heat was a concern. It took some trials and errors ("simulations" that ended in the loss of both the crew and the ship...) but they made it! And so today I learned that a Mk1-2 command pod can survive a reentry at about 7700m/s (I didn't have any fuel left to slow more than that). It resulted in an aerocapture and they landed on the second reentry. Pod, parachute and antenna survived, not the ladder.
  7. A bit of rover exploring on Kerbin. Sometimes, seeing it from space or from the air doesn't do it justice. Final approach to the KSC (before a left turn) from the South Pole.
  8. Damn, there was a special event today at the science museum, near where I work, following the whole thing. I might be able to catch the very end of it though. Anyone in Paris going to la Cité des Sciences?
  9. When was the Great Forum Crash again? Some time in April 2013? I would say it was a sign of the Kraken.
  10. Worked on my Minmus base. It's a bit of a lag-fest but still manageable.
  11. Thanks for your hard work. Can we import more than one v2 save file into v3? I've had multiple saves in the same KSP install. I've been able to import one v2 alarm save file into v3 but not the others. And it seems to display the same alarms in all my saves now. EDIT: actually, it displays the message "File not found in TriggerTech Folder". But I checked and double checked, it's in the exact same TriggerTech folder the other v2 file I managed to import was. Could the file name be too long? Or just corrupted during copy? Because the name is right and it's in the correct folder. EDIT2: bit weird but I fixed it. I copy/pasted the file name from the ingame import tool, renamed the file in the TriggerTech folder (with the exact same name, I swear), and then the import tool could find/read it. And now everything is fine. Just a bit of computer weirdyness. Anyway, great tool, great job, never leave Kerbin without it.
  12. The ability to switch between mirror and radial symmetry alone is very exciting. There won't be a need anymore to build your rover in the SPH and then manually edit the file to bring it to the VAB to put it on top of your rocket. Sweet. Kerbal experience, I hope it won't just level up whatever abilities they have but also keep track of their accomplishments. And biomes, we'll finally have an incentive to go to more places on a planet, not just for the scenery anymore.