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  1. Just something I made to try and replicate the V-22 in KSP. Stock game with BD and flags, I'll get a fully stock version eventually to upload. Enjoy Pics for now.
  2. Congratulations to everyone who is up and coming on this list! I love seeing so many new faces make their mark on this game.
  3. The gang getting back together?
  4. Here's a few of my BD-Tanks and planes I've made the past few months. Edit: Imgur is borked, here are the pics
  5. Stealth Fighter based on the F-117 but with smart guided missiles. RCS of around 3. Unfortunately landing is impossible so it uses a carriage for takeoff and parachutes to land. My take on a hypersonic spy plane. It's an SSTO that can carry a BD FLIR ball and stay self-sufficient at 70-75k altitudes. Radar Cross Section is around 2.85.
  6. Honestly really impressive. That's the best 104 I've seen to date.
  7. whipped this up b4 bed concept is good needs refinement
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