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  1. Reaching out to the forums to ask why in the first 90 minutes of playing KSP2 I'm unable to add flags, find my save or craft file folder, or anything really to modify the game files. Do we just not get that feature anymore? KSP1 allowed saving and uploading of craft flies from the game, modding was easy, and flags could be dropped in. Are these going to be added or is this just a no-go, because quite honestly KSP2 won't be played much if I cannot access these features. And a lot of people I know are feeling the same way.
  2. Howdy and welcome back!

  3. Post here you want a launch and it'll be added to the launch list, and as each person launches theyll be added. there will be a week or so grace for each entry so if someone forgets the station wont die waiting.
  4. Welcome everyone to Stock Community Space Station - KSP2 megathread! if yall don't know there's been quite a few Stock Community Space stations: So i propose a new start and a grand community space station above Kerbin for the kickoff of KSP2! If you've never done one before it's simple: A starting core is built, and each player adds to it and we post the persist to the forum each iteration as it goes. There will be a launch schedule, first come first serve, and we will take turns adding things to it. Of course you can download it on your own time and play with the community build as you like, and feel free to suggest upgrades as we go!
  5. I had to make my own after seeing yours! i was inspired and I'm happy with the result. Love it, I hope you think this is good.
  6. Yall have no idea how happy it makes me to see this thread still going. Can't wait to see what KSP2 brings us.
  7. Have a lot of things to post. been away for a while.
  8. Figured I'd make a last show before KSP1 ends. Love you all. I look forward to KSP2
  9. Just something I made to try and replicate the V-22 in KSP. Stock game with BD and flags, I'll get a fully stock version eventually to upload. Enjoy Pics for now.
  10. Congratulations to everyone who is up and coming on this list! I love seeing so many new faces make their mark on this game.
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