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  1. Just something I made to try and replicate the V-22 in KSP. Stock game with BD and flags, I'll get a fully stock version eventually to upload. Enjoy Pics for now.
  2. Congratulations to everyone who is up and coming on this list! I love seeing so many new faces make their mark on this game.
  3. The gang getting back together?
  4. Here's a few of my BD-Tanks and planes I've made the past few months. Edit: Imgur is borked, here are the pics
  5. Stealth Fighter based on the F-117 but with smart guided missiles. RCS of around 3. Unfortunately landing is impossible so it uses a carriage for takeoff and parachutes to land. My take on a hypersonic spy plane. It's an SSTO that can carry a BD FLIR ball and stay self-sufficient at 70-75k altitudes. Radar Cross Section is around 2.85.
  6. Honestly really impressive. That's the best 104 I've seen to date.
  7. whipped this up b4 bed concept is good needs refinement
  8. I built a sister ship to Liberty to balance her capabilities. The Liberty has refueling and VTOL ability but lacks range and weaponry (two Antiship missiles is not a lot of firepower). So to escort her I built the Sentinel. (Here are the downloads for both: Sentinel: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ou4eajmchm90cy3/Sentinel Class Scout Cruiser.craft?dl=0 Liberty: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6pfbiheupqgwmo/Liberty Class Heavy Scout Cruiser.craft?dl=0) With twice the range of her sister, Sentinel has of 4,000 m/s d/v as well as 4 Antiship missiles and 12 I-beam railguns. She loses the VTOL capability of the Liberty but with her range and firepower she can stay up and guard her sister when refueling, who also has the stores to take ore up and fuel her sister if need be. A winning Pair.
  9. @HatBat I have one other development which you may like. The idea is a fighter that isn't limited by carrier compatability, but is able to dock and supply as needed. EDIT: It fits in a Mk3 Cargo bay with slight modification, so it can be on a carrier. It's long range (4,300 m/s d/v), and a cockpit that is dead center aimed for its four i-beams. Also easily refuelable thanks to the large ion fuel pod in the center of the craft. Features rear docking port and RCS to maneuver it in with. also turned a drek into a 2-ship carrier. Carrier file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tuz5w64a8m3qi2w/XAR DREK I.craft?dl=0 Fighter File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sye1njwk19edyeb/XAR-C FIGHTER.craft?dl=0
  10. Are you referring to the Liberty? It's definitely a trade off to land VTOL, but it's not hard to convert it to dedicated orbital use and get 4-5km d/v. I might just have two variants for that reason.
  11. Made some small modifications. Part count is still under 600 but now the ship features two probes, a small Ion/RCS scout to seek out and report locations of enemy ships or units, and a mapper which allows the on-the-fly scanning of a planet for ore if the LRD (Liberty? I like that name) should be in acute need of fuel.
  12. No, actually the trick is to just evenly distribute fuel load over the craft. empty COM should be the same as full COM. It's not perrfect on my ship but it's close. The missiles stow center, the fuel drains fore and aft, and enough RCS to kill a planet. COM is so good on this ship I can burn 100% power at any fuel level and not flip. The current VTOL layout is with aerospikes, which means no gimbal at all.
  13. mostly happens by accident, it's a vicious cycle of more fuel for more armor, more weapons, etc...
  14. "destroyer" was what i had in mind when it was 60 tons. This thing weighs more than a Heavy Drek making it a Heavy Cruiser. Funny tho it only has two antiship missiles.
  15. I think this will be the ship I send Hatbat. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j58ctt6laabs0i/Long Range Destroyer Mk II.craft?dl=0
  16. I have something that @HatBat might like, still ironing out a few tiny kinks before I'll package it and post it on the ship submissions thread. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j58ctt6laabs0i/Long Range Destroyer Mk II.craft?dl=0 Basically this is a 130 ton, 500 part "Long Range Destroyer" that is built with VTOL capabilities on small moons and planets. Tested on (so far) Moho, Dres, Gilly, Bop, Pol, Eeloo, and Ike. This ship has a 1 man crew (though can operate autonomously), an ore extraction capability and both VTOL aerospikes and NERVA propultion. Range is 2km/s on NERVA and 500 m/s on aerospike. Weapons capability is currently two Mk IV "Popper" anti-ship missiles, though the docking ports on the beam mounts allow fitting of your choice of fitting of I-beam mounts or fighters. I thought it would be a cool design for HKA to use as a clandestine hit-and-run ship similar to the Retribution in COD: Infinite warfare. let me know what you guys think of it.
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