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  1. I don't forget KSP. I need to find some free time to update my mods to 1.0. I promise it will be done ASAP. Send me all the issues you could find so it make me work faster. Thanks to all Lionhead customers^^.
  2. Right now I don't know. I'm on a new professionnal project so I've got very few time to give to KSP. My mods are on standbye until I have more time.
  3. I'll have more time to update all my mods in february. So report bugs and things to be changed/fixed.
  4. It'll be updated to (try) fix the lag due to moving parts. It seems to be due to the moving colliders. With my computer, I run more than 40 FPS with these parts, so low end computers may have difficulties to run it correctly.
  5. Here the new update for Icarus, lots of new parts and fixes. Please report in this thread any bug or issue. Download LH_Icarus_v0.4 Mediafire mirror Warning: This update may brake vessels using Icarus parts.
  6. I'm not satisfied of these pods: they are too "lite" (a kerbal can push them on Kerbin), I think this is a bug but I'm thinking about making them differently. May be I'll release a test version too see if gamers like it as it is. Exactly
  7. Big radiators are WIP. A variant of Cupola made for BobCat ISS mod is planed. The truss pieces are fixed in the upcoming patch, here the .cfg files: http://www./download/03bf3379u6xwsta/truss5.cfg http://www./download/vf0vxbna8zq0dkf/truss2.cfg
  8. Here the radiators: Need to be polished a little more but they are fully functionable: foldable and sun tracked for minimal exposition to sun.
  9. I'm not satisfied about the pods I made for the mobile base. May be I'll start over. Help? Why not, depend of what you can do. Hermes shuttle is not plan before a longtime because need to think more about it. 3D model is almost done but I need to integrate it to the engine, that's the longest, hardest and boriest part. I think this could be an easy add to the Icarus mod. Why not if I find a good design and a good way to make it work. Rosetta/Philae probe is planed. I had some issues and no time to finish it on time. So It would be done after the Icarus update. Here a sample of my today's
  10. Yes, it takes me a long time to fix it but it works now. The solar sail can be used as a secondary engine because of its very little thrust. And yes, it's big, about 3 times the height of VAB.
  11. Still working on an update for Icarus: Solar Sail / Just tell me new parts you want me to add to Icarus mod.
  12. I try to update Prometheus ASAP but there still some issues.
  13. Good part, wrong easter egg. This is not the easter egg, it's a little harder to find it.
  14. I'm working on the next update for Icarus mod. I'm fixing the few issues I found and may add more content if I add enough time and no main issue. Please, fill free to report all issues you encounter with Icarus.
  15. I'll work on an update during next week, but everything must work yet. Nice video Fyrem, I didn't forget you, I'm just very busy.
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