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  1. Didn't get the chance to test land at target feature but I'll leave that as an exercise for you If I may as you'll know what you want to check. I used the cheat menu on an sandbox new save to test.
  2. Did you try to land using MJ on bop or Gilly? I just did using Landing guidance and it seems to work OK? I used latest MJ Dev #801.
  3. I'm thinking they'll launch the Making History Rocket at the end of the live stream with Squad Cast Launch Party with Scott Manley so maybe 2 more hours?
  4. peter1981

    KSP Making History

    I am willing to pay for DLC and extra content but SQUAD in the past has made commitments to keeping a lot of things free in terms of the game. When I think of DLC Tropico 4 & 5 always springs to mind as you pay £4.99-ish for 1 or 2 new building, a new map, and maybe a couple of scenarios to play. And you can buy 8ish DLC, Sellaris is similar with DLC and expansions. But are the naysayers above really saying they would rather have SQUAD stop working on KSP and leave the project? I wonder why if SQUAD is struggling for cash they don't do a donation request like Wikipedia does or a kick-starter or some other voluntary fundraising the community certainly has enough supporters who would probably give a couple of quid to keep the project going.
  5. I wasn't dismissing the work - I get that its a big update and its great news if your not a native English speaker but I just think its hard to Hype something that doesn't change your Kerbin. agree roll on the DLC - endless small packets at $14.99 like the Tropico series.
  6. not if your a native English speaker -- guess most of the new content will be in making history anyway.
  7. peter1981

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Is there a PI day thing in the code or have my planets become named 3.1415 (Sun), 92653 (Moho), 58979 (Eve), 32384 (Duna), 62643 (Dres), 38327 (Jool), 95028 (Sarnus), 84197 (Urlum), 16939(Nedion), 93751(Plock). for some other reason; and more importantly will they change back?
  8. squishy squelchy mud fine lose powder snow anything that you have to design a solution to a specific situation or you sink or get stuck etc. but then this wouldn't just apply to new moon, KSP need terrain texture, muds and dusts etc...
  9. I have same problem and it must be KIS as far as I can see
  10. Kerbin orbit, Mun orbit, Minmus Flag planting, & Sun (Kerbol) orbit == Level 3 training IIRC this requires a craft with 6500 d-V
  11. I had this once a couple of months ago hang up followed by CTD. When I inspected the persistent save file it was 0k's and blank nothing else there so you may have lost the data before the choice anyway. I don't think you'll be able to recover the data through KSP If you have a back-up system then try that. I had to restart my career completely -- just leaving the Kerbin SOI now >:-|
  12. I do think the devs need to sort the science experiment transfer out. While the real Apollo crew had to do the transfer manually from LEM to CSM it is a little tedious in game. The same with having to reset the materials bay & mystery goo by EVA'ing a scientist.
  13. I accepted and completed a 'Mun flyby contract' in the save file the fly-by has a reached Pol entry -- it is the only entry for pol other than pole in the save file.
  14. Thanks everyone for the responses - to the best of my knowledge in stock KSP 0.90.0 'chutes can only be deployed by staging once. (RealChutes may mod this.) I've am aware that you can deploy parachutes using Action Groups and activate them after repacking as many times as you repack them but, in career mode action groups are limited to none, basic, and full for each of the three VAB upgrade levels, respectively. Yet parachutes are a 0 level technology and require level 1 engineers to repack. So maybe this is a broken feature that was intended but (AFAIK) has never worked. This is further complicated by the fact that the icons for parachutes gets reset after a repack and reload of a vessel. The icons are (IIRC): White - packed ready for staging Cyan - staged but not deployed Yellow - semi-deployed Green - deployed Red - unpacked If you repack a unpacked parachute, red icon, it turns into a green icon, deployed, but it is in fact packed ready for staging. However if you've returned to the KSC and go back to the vessel you'll find that you have a white icon (which is correct) but if you move it to a new or un-staged stage you cannot deploy it using staging. (@Devs fix this pretty please.) I have had another thought on this after reading the previous posts: When you accept a contract to test an engine under specific conditions if you miss the conditions can't re-stage the engine activation after manual deactivation (or action group shutdown) and then perform the staging test -- you either have to revert the flight to launch and try again or launch another attempt. So in summary staging need a overhaul SQUAD
  15. My issue is that when you've landed on say Duna and used parachutes you will inevitably repack them for the return to Kerbin. Why not make repacked parachutes able to be redeploy by staging? So all you have to do is move the parachute icons up the staging or create a new stage for them to be in. Then stage them as new. Any thoughts on this?