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  1. drwho00769

    [1.2] Procedural Fairings 3.20 (November 8)

    Awesome mod many Thanks
  2. drwho00769

    [1.0.4] SciFi Shipyards [Discontinued]

    Nice I will try this one out on the weekend
  3. Thanks for all your efforts. This is by far my favorite pack.
  4. Found this today I thinks its awesome. I will just let you read the article http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/09/26/nasas-amazing-hubble-extreme-deep-field-photograph-shows-5500-galaxies-and-took-10-years-to-build/ Now to get there lol.
  5. drwho00769

    Cyborgs are here!!!!

    I Thought he was too and he seems to have wireless connectivity as well.
  6. I want to Map the planets first with ISA map sat
  7. drwho00769

    Cyborgs are here!!!!

    Still no cyborgs. Here is another nice robot. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2007740/Ecci-worlds-advanced-robot-muscles-tendons--ability-correct-mistakes.html
  8. drwho00769

    Cyborgs are here!!!!

    He Just looks like a robot to me, and I thought the Japanese had better ones, from memory.
  9. drwho00769

    Cyborgs are here!!!!

    They are here..... http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1690963/Creating-cyborg-cockroaches hehehe Enjoy!!!!
  10. drwho00769

    Blender Help

    ahhhh Thank You I watched a few hours worth of tutorials yesterday I rembered somthing about it But it has all blurred together funny enough:P I will stop having brain farts and work this out!!!! Thanks
  11. drwho00769

    Blender Help

    Im using Blender Version 2.63a and Python 3.2.3 dunno if this helps. Ive also been looking through some of the sub folders of the KSP parts I have and the first thing I noticed was not all parts have .msh files can I just skip these? Thanks again in advance for any help or links to tutorials .
  12. drwho00769

    Blender Help

    Ok I have looked at a couple of Python vtutorials and that bit I get but how do you create a .Msh file do I rename a .dae file? after I export the 'blender creation'? I really have no idea. I cant seem to find a straight tutorial video on how to make parts in Blender for KSP . and The wiki pages tell you what todo but not how todo it.
  13. drwho00769

    Blender Help

    Cheers dude Thanks for your help.
  14. drwho00769

    Blender Help

    Hi Im just starting to use Blender and I\'m stuck already (What a surprise!!!) I have the basics down I can make any desired shape even export them as .dae files. The question I have is how to you make a .msh file??? Ive read throught the forums and watched countless tutorial videos but I am still lost. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance. I would just like top point out I do under stand what a Collider Mesh is I just dont understand where the Msh file comes from!!