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  1. Made a spaceplane, capable of refueling with my beautiful fuel truck, flew it to space and back, refueled, started taxi-ing to the start of the runway for the next flight. Didn't notice the terrain is slightly elevated between the SPH and the runway; broke my nosewheel on the bump, plane went on it's belly, broke in half, started rolling, broke the wings, broke everything, debris everywhere. All in all, Jeb went to space and made it back safely, but then crashed 30 meters from where he started.
  2. At which altitude does the spin occur? If it happens at low altitude you could try attaching winglets to your rockets, which can steer and counter rotation if the atmosphere is dense enough.
  3. Thx for the diea, but ideally I want a fuel truck that is useable for multiple plane types, not a different truck for each plane. @Geschosskopf: Thanks for the advice, I'll check out the KAS mod!
  4. You could add sepatrons to the nose (it's fun, but not neccesary). Anyways, with hard-to-land planes I usually keep a relatively high speed, fly very close to the ground and towards the runway. A bit before the runway, turn down the throttle completely; you should slow down quite rapidly. When you are above the runway, lift up your nose ever so slightly so you don't land on your nosegear. Because you are already very close to the ground, you won't have enough altitude to gain any significant fall speed. It's an ugly way of landing, and won't work with a real aircraft, because they don't loose speed as rapidly as KSP planes.
  5. I want to make a little airport out of the KSP, but to do so, I want to make a refueling... thing. However, my few feeble attempts at docking a plane with a fuel truck have so far been unsuccessfull, due to the docking ports not snapping together. Has anyone of you ever succeeded in doing something like this? I was planning to try and use the infernal robotics parts get the alignments just right for docking, but I don't know if it's even possible....
  6. You don't even need to dock, if you get close enough with a rocket that has some free space, you can fly the poor guy over to that vessel using his jetpack.
  7. Has anyone gone interplanetary without a nuclear engine?
  8. Anyone know if it is compatible with .17? Did the update break all mods again?
  9. Its funny how some people say minmus is too difficult due to the inclined orbit, and others say its too easy due to low gravity. Anyways, I think I will start on a minmus base too, and the idea of spacejumps is amazing! haven't thought of that yet! Anyone used the method of sending two one-manned base modules first, and then sending a 3 manned return craft after it, but letting 2/3 pilots EVA out of it before launch, so you leave no kerb stranded?
  10. Is a little bit of orbital plane chance that difficult? =P You will have to do it in .17 to get to the other planets I hope. and I found the landing on minmus way easier then on the mun, on minmus you know the dark green areas are flat and the light green ones are hills/mountains. maybe mechjeb doesn't know, but I never use it, it takes the fun out of the game.
  11. Looking at the posts on this forum, I see a lot of people talking about making a munbase, and perhaps using it in the future for deepspace launching bases and stuff like that. To my surprise, I see only very little topics about doing similar things on minmus. Why is this? To my experience, minmus is a far more viable alternative to the mun for landings and basebuilding. Minmus ha less gravity, meaning you will need less fuel to counteract it during your landing, and during your return trip. Minmus also has less craters, and a lot of dark green flats, ideal for touchdown. It is true that you will have to travel further to get there, but I think you save more fuel on the landing and takeoff than it costs you to get there. So why is everyone going to the mun, and not to minmus?
  12. How is your brave kerbonaut going to get back to kerbin?
  13. Bob was very excited getting to the mun, and being able to land on the orbital meneuvring stage. He subsequently had his fun with his jetpack, but when he came back he realised that he could not jump high enough to get back in the command pod, and his jetpack was now empty. Jebediah was found willing to fly an exact copy of Bobs craft, with a few added ladders, to poor stranded bob. Once there, Jeb jetpacked into bob's craft, and bob walked to jebs craft and they both returned .
  14. I expect modders will be able to make everything you describe, come the final version.
  15. I made a big plane today, so big it could barely get off the ground, so I stuck to the adagium "moar boosters" and stuck two SRB's to the front. The idea was to use them just to get some forward, and some upward speed, so as to get airborne, and then ditch them before the plane flipped over due to the offset of the boosters. So, sure enough, they got the plane airborne, and at an approximatly 90 degree angle I decoupled them. Sure enough one clipped the hull and broke it in two, resulting in the brave kerbonauts tumbling to their demise in half a plane.
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