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  1. Wow. thats.... FUNNY XD
  2. sss

    [0.3] Unmanned pod

    you put the folder in the rar file in ur ksp/parts directroy.
  3. It was removed a while ago, however radion has started a RP. also, are you canadian? i am! need any help? PM me.
  4. sss

    [0.3] Unmanned pod

    Wohoo! thanks for this.
  5. I\'d like a small escort fighter that can go fast and will stall at 30 m/s.
  6. sss

    Google picture war!

    Please, dont use already used pictures.
  7. WOW. who could break this code? XD
  8. 8) now, id have to be a millonaire to board that tho right?
  9. As soon as i upgraded from vista to win7, my joystick stopped working. (when i plugged it in it did nothing.
  10. I thought it be the USS enterprise! ;P