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    So, Rimworld is quite an interesting "sci fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller". The game is currently in pre-alpha and is subject to major changes in the near future. I´ve really been enjoying this unfinished preview of Tynan Sylvesters imagination, and thus I´m sharing the glory of its existence with our beloved KSP community. Well, unless everyone is already aware of the game due to Scott Manley the Magnificent. The game has gained quite a lot of popularity recently. Its Kickstarter was a astounding success, gathering more than ten times the required cash in pledges.
  2. Unfortunately, I´m quite shy when it comes to revealing my face on-line. However, I am ready to reveal the following:
  3. Itse käytän tätä lippua. Huonohko Paint-manipulaatio, mutta pelin lippujen resoluutio ei anna karkeuden näkyä (onneksi).
  4. Ah, how jolly for you to join our merry community. Welcome.
  5. Yeah, we have conscription in effect around here. It´s really the only way to guarantee a force large enough to provide some kind of deterrent. Served 362 days in the Coastal Jaegers and was promoted to sergeant and designated as a sniper squad leader. Now I´m in the reserve with more than 300,000 others. From time to time I´m considering to enlist into peacekeeping, not really planning to leave right away, but one day I shall.
  6. Yes, if that mission landed TRULY in a semi-random location. You are quite lucky indeed.
  7. So, after an hounorable discharge from the FDF (after completing my conscription), I looked for a job in order to fill the gap between service and proper studies. I happened to fall into the bottomless abyss of a mailmans occupation. It´s hard work with somewhat meager pay, however you get to see society from quite a different perspective. Not to mention all the whacky encounters that occasionally come by. Last week wasn´t any different. Or so I tought until thursday. "Pics or it didn´t happen", they say around some parts of the interwebs.
  8. These guys know what they are up to, however they are not capable of making as "stylish" and "unique" vehicles as we do.
  9. True, I do belive that this ´setback´ is going to be, in fact, more productive than a perfect success. What if the gears hadn´t failed and the cause would have gone unnoticed? It might have caused much more damage in the future, when the vehicle would have been in full service. Every disaster has a bright side to it, no matter how small it may be. The future looks bright for this project.
  10. ♫Nooooooo!♫