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  1. Yup, sure can. From the readme in the zip file: General replacement texture is of the form GameData/TextureReplacer/Default/[<subDir>]/<internalName> where `<internalName>` is the texture's internal name in KSP (plus .png/.jpg/ .tga/.mbm extension, of course). The subdirectory is optional. Examples: GameData/TextureReplacer/ Default/kerbalHead // Default Kerbal head Default/kerbalMain // Default IVA suit (veteran/orange) Default/kerbalMainGrey // Default IVA suit (standard/grey) Default/kerbalMainNRM // Default IVA suit normal map Default/kerbalHelmetGrey // Default IVA helmet Default/kerbalHelmetNRM // Default IVA & EVA helmet normal map Default/kerbalVisor // Default IVA helmet visor Default/EVAtexture // Default EVA suit Default/EVAtextureNRM // Default EVA suit normal map Default/EVAhelmet // Default EVA helmet Default/EVAvisor // Default EVA helmet visor Default/EVAjetpack // Default EVA jetpack Default/EVAjetpackNRM // Default EVA jetpack normal map That's an awesome helmet, BTW.
  2. There's also this mod now, it compresses textures on the fly. People have been getting really great memory savings with it:
  3. I'm a little confused about how this incorporates with multiple mods that use it. If I have Module Manager 1.5.6 but I have several mods that bundle 1.5, can I install just the 1.5.6 dll in GameData and not worry about the multiple copies of 1.5, or does each individual mod folder need its own Module Manager dll inside it?
  4. Looks good, but the pictures for the parts all show the exact same part rather than each individual part.
  5. I think it totally makes sense for better sensors to come later in the tech tree. Look at how we imaged things like the Moon, Venus, and Mars back in the early days of the space program compared to the imagery and data we get from the probes we're sending now, 40 years later.
  6. Woohoo, you're a hero. I've been searching for this too, even went so far as to message Scott Manley but he didn't have it anymore. Thanks!
  7. Nice looking ship. Share the .craft file for it?
  8. I think weather effects are planned. Personally, I can\'t wait to launch into a thunderstorm. ;P
  9. That\'s some damned fine modelling work there, good job! As for distribution (assuming you got the rights per Skunky and you wanted to do so in the first place), doesn\'t Shapeways allow you to make the model 'public' so anyone can just go to the website and pay to get a copy made and sent to them?
  10. Holy crap, that\'s amazing. Don\'t suppose you could post the craft file and mods you used for that?...