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  1. So i havent played for a really long time. Now with the new Update and DLC i thought well lets start over again. I started to work on my first Rover on a completly new Install of KSP with no Mods and noticed that the Rovemax S2 Wheels are hovering above the surface. I cant remember that they did that before so i wonder if this is a bug? The forum itself didnt gave me a answer when i searched it. And i didnt noticed any problems with other wheels. I find this slightly disturbing and triggering :'D ~Neko
  2. So i didnt messed with RT2 yet and the search isnt working.... but are there still those little premade satellites etc? those where awesome i loved the drone and the small sats
  3. We are working on this -> http://i.imgur.com/TXtB6Ca.png So they dont need to fall off part by part and they dont rotate in the direction of the sun its like a deployable static solar array i tried to add 4 "raycastTransformName" to the config but still he only calculates the first one .___.
  4. Is there somekind of demo cfg file soemwhere? i cant get it to work somehow i copied the cfg of existing solar panels and messed with the settings but they dont have the suntracking porperty inside etc ps.The animation works totaly fine with ModuleAnimateGeneric // Edit // Got it now i only need to know how i can define 4 solar panels which are in this 1 model :/
  5. So im working on some Solar Panels with a nice Model a newly reddit friend made. I can get the Model ingame even the Animation for extending plays (opening though not closing......not yet ) So the first question is if i click "Extend" the animation plays but the game never switch to "extended" so i cant retract them anymore. Whats the problem there? Second question how do i actually define the panels to be solar panels so they can make energy if the sun shines on it (they are fixed panels after deployment so no movement) I hope someone can hint me to the right direction ^^ since this is my ve
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