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  1. what happened to the super large landing legs that looked like space-x ones!?
  2. Yes, it's suppose to give it that looking through glass cockpit effect. I like it personally. Adds a nice effect to your screenshots.
  3. Mod works great besides some crashing which I'm trying to narrow down to. Using 64bit so not a ram issue and no crash log to figure it out. Here is a picture from in-game using this mod. Thanks for your hard work proof!
  4. So how do we disable the reflections because im getting good framerate but its shuttering which is causing me issues. for some reason the menu for texture replacer disappears sometimes and i cant get it to show again.
  5. So how do we disable the reflections because im getting good framerate but its shuttering which is causing me issues.
  6. That's not fun you could import the models back into blender or whatever 3d program your using and try to salvage it if you want.
  7. That makes sense why it kept crashing for me. What command line did you use for 64bit? I know 64bit is still a bit unstable for me at least. Random crashing here and there. I guess squad is on it.
  8. Sure let me check ingame with what's the issue with the part and ill get back to you. Haven't had a lot of time to fully test all the parts yet. I do, however its not that easy. You will have to edit all the time stamps for each mission currently that im aware of unless someone has a better way. To change the actual time the space program has been running i will have to look into.
  9. yea, but I guess steam can make up its mind on using 32 or 64 because it just loaded fine no issues...is there a way to force 64bit without the need to right click, launch 64bit ksp.
  10. Using the prerelease version I'm getting an out of memory issues. Worked the past few days but with 1.1 release not so much. Now I wait i can post logs if needed too.
  11. well, that's strange it might be that you uninstalled something then. I know when I first loaded this mod that all my crafts were acting up till I did some config edits. One of the issues was the landing legs missing. I know with the latest updates I always start fresh because of the issues with older mods and whatnot.
  12. Sure let me check ingame with what's the issue with the part and ill get back to you. Haven't had a lot of time to fully test all the parts yet.
  13. @HoveringKiller Well, I fixed the landing legs by just using the default squad legs for now and the huge spacex landing legs I changed the module from the landing legs one to just a generic animation one. Most of this mod is easily fixed with some temporary edits till it gets updated is all.
  14. Make sure in the configs that you remove the part that requires module manager to delete the stock landing legs. I had the same issue. I believe it is in the squad/utility.cfg
  15. having issues with this mod and Mechjeb I deleted this mod and mechjeb started working again and showing up. Before mechjeb menu didn't want to show up.
  16. You can make a more detailed model and bake the detail into a normal map which then can be used on the low poly model
  17. Thank you for fixing this! My OCD was kicking in with having half my parts only having windowshine.
  18. I would love if you could work with Ven's Stock Part Revamp and try get his parts to have window shine. I've been trying myself with no luck I guess he doesn't have correct alpha channels to make it work.
  19. How you go go about having the large docking port having its own custom sound? MM configs look confusing to make lol. Wanted the large docking port to have the op's sound and the others to have bigfatfetus softer sound.
  20. Looks awesome going to download Edit: Omg! why didn't I download this long time ago! All the parts match perfect and look like an actual rocket! It all looks so much more modern. Love it!
  21. My Space station (aka Starport ISS) using mostly stock parts. I think the only thing not stock is the radiators I added to help cool down the ships that dock after their long burn and for the Nuclear powered tug system. I have three more large parts to add to complete it before I can add more kerbals as well as some escape pods after they have completed their year long space shift Might have to start using that wielding mod to reduce part counts.
  22. I have one issue with these wheels....."I still dont know where the bunnies go!" Maybe the OP could help me with this one On a serious note for some reason in VAB retract wheels option doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong who knows!
  23. I tried to recreate your craft and I cant do it justice sadly...for some reason something is causing too much drag which causes it to go no faster than 200m/s which isn't enough to get some altitude at all. I will keep working on it! I cant give up! Its too awesome looking of a craft not to try replicate. Reminds me of the X shuttle nasa was working on way back but gave up on.
  24. Could you post your craft file please!? trying to learn how people make these planes so i can start making better things myself lol.
  25. Has anyone else has this issue to were the inline docking port doesn't want to attach to anything specifically the bottom node. I've even tried part clipping, but still does not want anything to attach to the bottom of it. I hope its not just me. Maybe the .cfg file node numbers just have to be tweaked?
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