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  1. Getting errors whenever I try selecting most shaders. Some of them only build a couple of the nodes and only a couple load entirely. I setup my preferences and downloaded the shader presets so idk what the issue is. I'm on blender v2.80.75 atm.
  2. What do you think about SpaceX's progress over the years? Is it promising, disappointing, or not as cool as your KSP save? If your not to familiar with the history of SpaceX, then the video below is as brief an explanation as I can give you. I don't mean to use this post to promote my own video but it got me thinking about how far SpaceX has come and how it's inspired me while playing KSP. Start a discussion below! I'd love to see your opinion on SpaceX or just space exploration as a whole!
  3. No I have never been able to get on curse that's the problem. It always says "The connection was reset" whenever I try to get on the site. Its not that i cant download anything or find the links, its just that I could never connect to the site in the first place. I can see all the download links on the forum for mods but whenever its a link to a curse download and I click on it, it just brings me to "The connection was reset" or some random error (even if I type in the url, google it, or use another browser). Ive searched everywhere to figure out what the problem is and Ive been out of luck, Im thinking it may be a problem with my firewall blocking the site, but I have no clue how to fix it (trust me Ive tried). Its alot easier just asking for an alternate download on mediafire or dropbox. I would be fine with BDArmory since I cant live without it XD
  4. I can see how to make it walk, except every leg would have to move individually. I might give it a try but Ill probably get to stressed out to finish it
  5. Oh btw, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but me and a few of my friends cant get on curse at all. There's some sort of syncing error some people get when they try to get on curse. The only mod I cant download is romfarer lazer. If you know of an alternate download for it or if you could provide a lite version without romfarer parts that would be great! Its quite a shame, a lot of my favorite mods only have curse download
  6. Very nice job, the crafts are amazing. I can't wait to see more!
  7. Is there an another download for romfarer by any chance? I haven't been able to get on Curse forge since I switched internet carriers. I'm quite pissed at the site since I've only been able to get on it ounce before and ive spent hours trying to fix it. Seeing "The connection was reset" and "No data received" is quite frustrating especially when allot of the best mods are switching to curse. I have a few friends who have had the same problem on the site trying to download mods for other games. Would anyone happen to know a way around this?
  8. Macey Deans last videos were focused around Jool, so I would think one of Jools moons, laythe, pol, etc. Personally I would love to see some sort of battle for Moho, perhaps a conflict between two factions for an advance solar station on the surface. I dont know about an exact location though. However Dres would be great too since it hasn't been visited at all in any KSP war series Ive seen either. Who knows maybe Dres is actually harboring a secret third party faction that's been observing conflict throughout the system. Perhaps the other two factions find out and begin scouring the asteroid field eventually discovering Dres? If I go on ill probably nerd out all over the floor. *nerdgasm* To late, carpet's ruined...
  9. I might post it in spacecraft exchange when I have the time (if not ill just link the craft here), ill probably upload it as is since i cant really make it look any better without completely redesigning it. I've found Firespitter, b9, and procedural wings can replicate the A-10 fairly well if your thinking of making your own.
  10. I've been working on this baby ever since I heard Baha was making a GAU-8...Now it is complete (nearly). All I have to do now is make it look prettier.
  11. The shuttle reminds me of the X-37 Hmm. I'm starting to think this shuttle wont just be for, "Experiments" or "Surveillance". In all seriousness, Nice job! I look forward to "Surveying" my enemy's with this...I mean...Surveying Kerbin...
  12. The end of the gun has a pretty big collision mesh so it can glitch stuff if the barrels are too close to something.
  13. Woah! I thought seeing the space center from low orbit was pretty cool. But if i saw that thing from space, theres a pretty good chance my Kerbals may pee themselves. Except for Jeb, he would probably try to land on it from orbit. Or crash into it...
  14. I tried to do manual landing from jun orbit...I crashed. So I returned to my last quick save and tried to land with mech jeb...it landed on a steep slope and fell over. I wanted to load my last quick save back in orbit so I could choose a better landing site except I accidentaly quick saved once i landed. When loaded my quick save it fell over, so I loaded again and it fell over. After the the eighteenth time I was cracking up because every tim e I loaded it jeb would have no expression what so ever and bill and bob were craping their pants. That my fellow kerbalnauts...is mun landing.
  15. A pic of kerbin and her moon and a random pic of jeb and his blow up counter part driving a truck...on the mun. (sigh)...I love this game...
  16. what was the gun that destroyed the boat, is it just a railgun or another mod?
  17. I was testing out a new design for a three stage lander that could land on the mun then land on minmus and "safely" return to kerbin. During one of my tests I had forgotten to change my staging and once i pressed space it immediately started spinning out of control because only 2 of the 6 boosters went off. So I thought i could just abort it like all my other tests, and million stages later I ejected my capsule from the ship and slowly descended down the surface. Then one of the boosters flew straight into the capsule and obliterated it. All that was left of the ship was the other rogue booster spinning out of control. No one survived In the end I accidentally deleted the craft file while trying to get rid of some old obsolete designs. I now only make regular two stage landers.
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