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  1. Ghidorah K1-180 Tank seems to attach strangely. Ofttimes I'll try to view the rocket as straight from the side as I can and just try my best to attach a fuel tank onto the extended radial decoupler (stock TT-70) so it lays "flat". However the tank I mentioned seems to attach at a very funky angle, like it's rotated funkily at the attachment point.
  2. So... I'm having these weird sporadic issues where dropping/releasing a vessel to gravity doesn't seem to be working in the Ship Lander window. Literally as I was typing this message and switching back to KSP, it began to work?
  3. So... does this have any issues with the Breaking Ground DLC that I should know of?
  4. So modulemanager found a warning? "[WRN 2019-06-29 05:33:05.107] 1 warning related to GameData/Tantares/Patches/KIS/KIS.cfg" Does this mod require Kerbal Inventory System?
  5. In the meantime while CKAN fights their bot or damon finds a solution, you can download and install the mod manually from Spacedock. The file is safe to download! It should be safe to manually uninstall/CKAN-reinstall the next update 'round to re-enable CKAN's version-checking!
  6. I'm not sure but I believe it may be because @damonvv POSSIBLY reuploaded the file and used the same version number? Again, not sure. I've sent this issue to CKAN's issue tracker. If you're familiar with SHA1 hashes, MD5 checksums, etc. Basically, a reupload likely caused the file's SHA1 hash to change due to a minor change from the author. When CKAN checks the SHA1 from the file downloaded against their cached zip file's SHA1, it triggers a security/file validation feature that prevents CKAN from serving a file that's corrupted/influenced by potentially malicious actors. EDIT: Reading up, yes. The correct course of action for the future is to essentially upload even SMOL one-line edits as a new version number, so NetKAN's bot generates a new hash as its "control" to compare against.
  7. Ah, it seems a bit messy for th end-user that way, but I guess that makes sense so a mod dev doesn't have to republish their mod for every major version.
  8. I have it set to refresh every startup. But yes, I've refreshed manually to make sure. It's not there. Apologies for the late reply. Perhaps it's an issue about compatibility like you mentioned in the KAS thread? It's odd because CKAN is picking up the individual mods but not the full install.
  9. And how would I do that? Also thanks ahead of time! You seem to be quite helpful around the forum!
  10. Is this compatible with 1.6? I noticed it's not availabe in CKAN, despite the GAP (Giving Aircraft Purpose) contract pack suggesting it.
  11. I'm strangely enough not seeing an entry just called "Recycled Parts". I searched a little further back in this thread, btw, and apparently there have been conflicts with craft files before? Am I stuck on an earlier repo or something? This is what I see when searching in CKAN for "recycled".
  12. Question about CKAN installs, which entry is the "full" install (if any)? The OP says there's gonna be a single entry that installs them all? ALL of them are showing as 31.9 MB so I'm not really sure which one is the "all-encompassing" one. I did the noob thing (new to CKAN) and tried to checkbox them all and got an alert saying it was trying overwrite something in the Ships/SPH directory that was installed by another mod. Seems CKAN isn't as sophisticated as Skyrim's Mod Organizer when it comes to mod vs. mod conflicts. Or patches. I tried to install them all because it's not transparent which is the "full install". At first glance, it seems these two mods that conflict in CKAN (Farscape and RSCapsuledyle) are different... yet both have craft files which causes CKAN to issue an overcautious hard abort. Could this be a packaging error? KSP --- CKAN 1.25..4 This is the error I get when trying to install them all: About to install... * Recycled Parts Atomic Age (cached) * Recycled Parts Farscape (cached) * Recycled Parts FTmN Atomic Rockets (cached) * Recycled Parts FTmN Improved Atomic Rockets (cached) * Recycled Parts KAL-9000 (cached) * Recycled Parts LVN Clusters (cached) * Recycled Parts Mk2 Essentials (cached) * Recycled Parts Mk2 KIS Containers (cached) * Recycled Parts Mk2 Lightning (cached) * Recycled Parts Mk2 Solar Batteries (cached) * Recycled Parts Orgami Foldable Assets (cached) * Recycled Parts RSCapsuledyne (cached) * Recycled Parts Spare Parts (cached) * Community Tech Tree 1:3.3.6 (cached) * The Janitor's Closet (cached) * KSP Wheel (cached) * Patch Manager (cached) * BahamutoD Animation Modules 1:v0.6.5.6 (cached) * ClickThrough Blocker (cached) Module "Recycled Parts Atomic Age" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts Farscape" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts FTmN Atomic Rockets" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts FTmN Improved Atomic Rockets" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts KAL-9000" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts LVN Clusters" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts Mk2 Essentials" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts Mk2 KIS Containers" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts Mk2 Lightning" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts Mk2 Solar Batteries" successfully installed Module "Recycled Parts Orgami Foldable Assets" successfully installed Oh no! We tried to overwrite a file owned by another mod! Please try a `ckan update` and try again. If this problem re-occurs, then it maybe a packaging bug. Please report it at: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/issues/new Please including the following information in your report: File : Ships/SPH/A Nuke Cruiser-Skalou-03.craft Installing Mod : RecycledPartsRSCapsuledyne Owning Mod : RecycledPartsFarscape CKAN Version : v1.25.4 Your GameData has been returned to its original state. Error!
  13. Just signed into the Kerbal store and found I purchased KSP on 2013-02-11 on the KERBAL STORE (website, not Steam) and got the Steam version while it was in beta. Hopefully that counts.
  14. Is there a way to see when I bought KSP? I'd like to see if I'm eligible for the free DLC. I'm pretty sure I bought it before it was available on Steam. In fact, I helped betatest the Linux version.