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  1. I\'ve been orbiting the sun for 6000 days with half a tank of fuel. I will get home. I will get home. I will get home.
  2. Not sure if this has been asked already but I did have a quick search. What is the best way to get the distance between two vessels? Namely the vessel a modified part is attached to (currently being flown) and any other vessel in the world. I assume it would be using Vessel.findWorldCenterOfMass(); and doing some calculations on the coords. On a related note, what are the coords relative to? Thanks.
  3. Not sure if its just me or if it takes a while to load or what but it seems to freeze loading on the \'DArotorypistonprob\' folder (deleting it fixed the problem). KSP 1.5, Aerospace 1.5, tried with mechJeb 1.8.2 (or what was included in this mod) and mechJeb 1.8.3. Also installed is damned robotics 1.1. Sorry if I just didn\'t give it time to load or if I\'m just missing something obvious.
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