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  1. Persistant is your main auto save, it updates every 5m or whenever you change scenes Quicksave is the default quicksave created by F5. If you hold F9 it will quick load your last quicksave and should put you back into the same scene
  2. From my understanding, the root part should already be above the decoupler in this case. testing myself the behavior I experienced felt a lot like a milder version of another bug with broken solar panels https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24913 the first time I experienced that particular bug it reminded me of an even older bug with fairings https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/5149
  3. To transfer fuel open the PAW for both tanks involved in the transfer, (right click one tank then alt+right click the other) with more than one PAW open the out and in buttons should appear. click out on the donor or in on the recipient. You can use this to share between multiple tanks at a time, so if you wanted to share fuel evenly from one tank into two, you would open all three PAW and use out on the donor tank. similarly if you wanted one tank to draw evenly from two donors, open all three PAW and click in on the recipient. If you have trouble finding the tanks you need you can open the resources tab (up in top right) then check the checkbox for the resource you intend to transfer, this will open the PAW for every part that contains that resource. pin the ones you want then uncheck the checkbox to hide the rest.
  4. If you don't want to use mods, there is this handy online calculator https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/
  5. My guess Those 2 engines have been in the game a long time, back when the size 1 was 1m diameter. 1.25 is pretty close to the ratio you expect. all the parts you list have the line "scale=0.1" as do the Deprecated versions of the FueltankT200, 400 & 800, but not the 100
  6. In career mode they unlock with pilot experience, or by unlocking more advanced probe cores. There is a setting in difficulty options so you can start with all kerbals at max level. In sandbox they are available from the start for all Kerbals
  7. There is a reason you had to look up an archived version of that site. it predates the current atmospheric model and how drag is calculated. It is too outdated to be useful any more
  8. Nope, when you detach though you will have to move a certain distance away before they will dock again though. (iirc 10m) Also note that there is only one face of the clam-o-tron that will dock, this is fairly obvious on the smaller sizes, but it is somewhat common to see the 2.5 meter size accidentally placed back to front.
  9. With another Clamp-o-tron. In the VAB you can attach any part to a Clamp-o-tron and use it like a decoupler, but in flight a clamp-o-tron will only attach to another. clamp-o-tron of the same size.
  10. Warp to next maneuver stops warp 1 minute before the estimated time to start regardless of whether you have extended burn indicator on or not. Personally I prefer to leave it off, since if you are coasting the burn times tend to be calculated using the Sea level thrust of the engines until you pass 70km, doesn't account for cosine losses and is easily confused by complex staging.
  11. The mod RCS build aid Continued has a parachute calculator. It is not a feature I use much, but the rest of the mod is a must have for me.
  12. Because the game won't auto cancel physics warp, once you are out of the atmosphere you have to come out of warp altogether. Then trying to warp again should use normal time warp instead. Sometimes coming out of warp can give your ship a jolt, so best to wait a second or two for things to settle before warping again, as if the game thinks there are any forces other than gravity acting on your ship then it will use physics warp instead.
  13. If you try to warp when in the atmosphere, you will go to physics warp which has a max of 4x. after you are out of the atmosphere you would have to come out of physics warp before you can time warp.
  14. At a guess what is happening is that when you switch to the internal view, the control point is changing to that of the cabin you are viewing from. With SAS set to prograde this then tries to rotate the station so that the cockpit is prograde rather than the previous control point. Edit: Just tested and this seems to be the case even for cabins which do not normally act as control points. best solution is to set SAS to stability hold before switching to IVA
  15. This is why it has to be built in orbit. docking ports docked together in flight connect differently than parts connected in the editor, it is more like the way that Struts work and can loophole around the no loops limitation, that is why docking ports have actions for both "undock" and "decouple"
  16. OK, I gave it a shot, KSP Recall alone does nothing about the issue as far as I can tell. both Alt-click and symmetry behave the same as they would in stock. the issues do seem to be fixed with KSP Recall + TweakScale though Edit: Module manager required for KSP recall to take effect, does seem to fix things then.
  17. It seems that there is a slightly different manifestation of the copy glitch that applies to copies created by symmetry. If a symmetrically placed part with tweaked resources is detached and reattached, or a single part is detached and reattached with increased symmetry. If the PAW for the original or any copy is opened in the editor prior to launch then the part will inherit the correct values and be ok. if the PAW is not opened prior to launch however then only the original will retain its resource tweaks, the copies will be at default resource values. If an affected flight is then reverted to the editor, then the original and copies will all inherit the resource values of whichever PAW is opened first (tweaked if the original is opened first, default if a copy)
  18. The thrust values for the stock DeltaV panels dont care about direction. just displaying the total thrust, the TWR indicator doesn't seem to care about it either. but the DeltaV indicator does. Also 45degrees give the thud 84.9kN forward by my working out from dimly remembered high-school maths, don't know what they are teaching in college physics
  19. You need to raise your orbit altitude to slow down. dropping altitude speeds you up. unless your station is in a very high orbit then there is usually more room above it. Easiest to plan would be to raise your apoapsis until you get a close encounter at periapsis.
  20. Edit: the following info only applies to copies created by symmetry, it does not apply to copies created by alt-click The behavior I have noticed, is that if you open the PAW for the copy in the editor prior to launch then it will gain the appropriate fuel setting, if however you launch without opening the PAW, then it will end up with the default settings. Further, if you revert to editor after launch then the settings of both the original and the copy will be set to whichever PAW you open first.
  21. Don't see it myself, just looks like the current HECS2 with a ring of ox-stats around it, 2 on each face.
  22. A poor choice of words and failure to account for stoichiometry. should have said lower volume
  23. When you start thinking of KSP tanks as real world they are somewhat strange. The only way I could think something like them would work is if they had a cylindrical chamber for one component inside the hole of a toroidal chamber holding the other. In the real world fuel and oxidizer tanks are usually arranged vertically, most commonly with the denser component on the bottom, although there are exceptions such as the Shuttle and the lower stages of th N1 which have the denser component on top, and the Proton which has the oxidizer in the middle and several fuel tanks arranged around it... somewhat similar to how KSP tanks work?
  24. Flip it upside down and attach the launch vehicle to the docking port on the nose?
  25. Do you have making history? Is the allow other launch sites option checked in difficulty?
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